Interview with Stéphanie Mezerai, naturopath, trainer in naturopathy and author

Hello Stéphanie, can you introduce yourself in a few lines?

My name is Stéphanie Mezerai, I have been a naturopath for 8 years, trainer in specific naturopathy and author. My main activity is specific training for naturopaths. I am a registered training organization.

I also consult remotely in naturopathy specifically for women's issues: menopause, endometriosis, premenstrual syndrome...

I really like to transmit and it was also a great joy to have had the opportunity to write several books for the general public at Leduc editions, on endometriosis*, menopause** and adaptogenic plants.

* "Relieving endometriosis without drugs" Sophie Pensa and Stéphanie Mezerai. Editions Leduc

**"Living well through menopause without medication" Sophie Pensa and Stéphanie Mezerai. Editions Leduc


You deal with a lot of topics about women (menopause, endometriosis), where does this interest come from?

Sorority obliges, as a woman, I feel completely concerned by the well-being of these. The menopause is still taboo, although it is a normal state of life like adolescence. I like helping women to feel good, to take back the reins of their lives, as I often say, “To redefine the rules”.

Regarding endometriosis, many of my relatives are affected and the impact of this disease on their lives is such that I wanted to support them. Today, I help my naturopathic colleagues to acquire skills to provide very targeted support for women's issues in particular.

Your latest book is called: “The superpowers of adaptogenic plants”. Why did you choose this subject?

I have a great passion for these plants with superpowers. Nature is wonderful and offers us so many beautiful things. These plants are so incredible that I wanted to share them with the general public, especially since there wasn't really a book on this theme in French.

Today even more than yesterday, adaptogenic plants are of public utility! At every moment, we are impacted by stress. Adaptogenic plants will really help regulate the impacts of life. They fall completely within the framework of the "naturopathic" vision, they work on the ground, regulate homeostasis and bring a benefit where it is needed.

What advice would you give to someone who would like to start a course of adaptogenic plants?

Already to take stock with his doctor especially if there is a medical treatment in progress. Then, to go gradually and be patient, because the adaptogenic plants reveal their full power after about 3 weeks. So you have to be patient. Then, it is important to implement changes in your lifestyle to optimize their effect: eat better, move a little more etc... Superpowers yes, but you also have to "work" around them. They will nevertheless be serious “crutches”.

What do you think of Hygée products? What is your favorite and why?

What I like in your products are already the quality of the adaptogenic plants used, both at the time of picking and for their conservation. Products containing the least harmful ingredients and that's important for the naturopath that I am.

I also like that you combine other herbs with the adaptogenic herbs. This is very judicious because we know that adaptogenic plants take a little longer to act, complementary plants will be able to support the problem immediately, for example in your " L'Équilibre " formula which combines Rhodiola, d other complementary plants such as Saffron and Griffonia.

Most of your products are Ecocert certified organic farming, another important criterion.

Your packaging is also ethical and recyclable, another important point for a naturopath. Beyond the quality of the products, an ethic is involved and that is important.

My favorite product is “ La Sérénité ”, I really like the Sacred Basil which is a plant that gives joy and is exceptional for better sleep. Ashwagandha is also a plant that I like. This cleverly dosed mixture is really nice.

Afterwards, it's hard to choose one, because many of your products are my "favourites" and your new kid, La Résilience is already one of them!

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Stéphanie Mezerai , naturopath, trainer in naturopathy and author of the book “The superpowers of adaptogenic herbs” ed. Leduc |

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