Resilience: A few syllables that have become phenomena, by Marie Robert

by Marie Robert, philosopher, professor and writer

Before being a psychological term, resilience refers to the world of physics. It designates the value characterizing the impact resistance of a metal.

By extension, resilience has therefore become the ability of living organisms to overcome traumatic shocks.

A precious and essential virtue, so aptly named by Boris Cyrulnik, resilience makes it possible to transform suffering in order to no longer live in misfortune and to rebuild oneself.

But by dint of being used for everything and anything, the notion becomes blurred, and gradually becomes yet another injunction, which instead of clearing the horizon, obscures it by forcing us to recover as quickly as possible. of all our dramas. This is to forget a little too quickly the complexity of the phenomenon and of our psychic lives. Can everything be converted into a positive and a step towards well-being? Probably not.

Suffering remains suffering, and that is why it mobilizes our courage. It is because the lack is visible, because the love was not there, and we recognize the difficulty, that we can decide to do otherwise. It is because we have confronted, dissected, analysed, cried, enraged, that we find the resources to overcome and to do things differently, to create ourselves again.

Resilience is a long path, which engages our lucidity, our strength, our ethics, our hope. And it is in this journey that we learn to break patterns and fatalities.

Among the most evocative illustrations of resilience in nature, we can cite adaptogenic plants. For thousands of years, these extraordinary plants have adapted to external aggressions and the stress factors of their often hostile environments. Cold, drought, lack of water or oxygen... To survive, they have learned to develop a certain capacity for resistance and to protect themselves.

It is by taking inspiration from their story that Ehsane Cassam-Chenaï , founder of Hygée, and his scientific advisor Dr. Regis Meyronet, nutritionist and specialist in the nervous system, imagined a new formula with a high dose of adaptogens called La Resilience .


To take care of yourself is to discover that there are clearings, even in the dark forests. So to all those who walk on this ridge, let's wish a lot of courage and love.


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