Perfect for: Relieving painful periods and fighting irritability

Botanical name: Actea racemosa

Botanical family: Ranunculaceae

Part of the plant used: Root

Active substances: Triterpene glycosides, fukinolic acid, tannins (isoflavones), phenolcarboxylic acids.

Origin: North America

Black cohosh adaptogenic plant

Cohosh is an allied plant for women in menopause thanks to its compensatory action for the drop in estrogenic activity (female hormones) specific to this period. It is effective in relieving menopausal disorders, whether neurovegetative (hot flushes, sleep disorders, night sweats, etc.) or psychological (irritability, nervousness, mood disorders, anxiety, decreased libido, etc.). Actée also relieves pre and post menstrual syndrome: painful periods, breast tension, irritability and swollen stomach.

Story :
Native Americans were the first to understand the virtues of black cohosh. They used it to fight menstrual pain and those of childbirth, but also as a gargle to fight against sore throats and to treat rheumatism or snakebites. This plant was later brought back to Europe by settlers and used in Western medicine.

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