Each expert in their field, doctor, naturopath, chef, sports coach or wellness coach has tried our products and tells you about them!

Dr. Régis Meyronet, Scientific Advisor

"I have been formulating the Hygée range since its creation. It is very important to me, with Ehsane, the founder of Hygée, to design high quality products, studied and dosed to achieve real therapeutic activity. No superfluous ingredients and a efficient and new mode of consumption, this is our philosophy."

Fabienne Crocq, Trainer and Well-age Naturopath


"Adaptogenic plants are part of my daily life, they are effective, efficient and safe for women entering pre-menopause & menopause. These intelligent plants adapt to the needs of women and provide all the ingredients necessary for organization at the right time."

Stéphanie Mezerai, Trainer and Naturopath


"My favorite product is La Sérénité , I really like Sacred Basil which is a plant that gives joy and is exceptional for better sleep. Ashwagandha is also a plant that I like. This skilfully dosed mixture is really nice." 

Lucile Champy, nutrition consultant

Lucile Champy
" Ehsane, the creator of Hygée, and I have a common background: it was health concerns that led us to this career. Hygée's ambition is therefore sincere and this is a point that is expensive in the world of nutrition because there is a lot of "healthy washing". advise my clients or on the networks. The formulas are scientific, organic, analyzed in the lab, and the brand policy is transparent. And the powder format is perfect for adding it to smoothie, porridge and chia pudding preparations! "

Julie Pradines, naturopath

Julie Pradines Hygee
"J'a-do-re! Hygée finally gives you turnkey products to add super easily adaptogenic plants to your diet! In powder form, it allows a simple and fun use of the products. With themes that affect our needs to all: Energy to recharge the batteries Immunity to support natural defenses Serenity for mental and physical well-being Just sprinkle a teaspoon in a hot drink at any time of the day. No excuse not to add these beautiful little things to our diet!"

Marine Serpette, Naturopath

bill hook

"I recommend La Sérénité during tumultuous periods, in case of stress, fatigue or difficult emotional passages. La Sérénité will act as a brake on this famous little bicycle that pedals in the head. The advantage of adaptogenic plants is that they have no major contraindications."

Melodie Dewever, Naturopath


"I recommend L'Équilibre for periods of intense stress, Rhodiola and Griffonia are my best anti-stress sellers! Clean ingredients, effective synergies and supports that are as beautiful as they are good, that's what I love about Hygea."

Lizette Scialom, well-being and nutrition coach, certified "Mind Body Nutrition Coach", Center Vitruve

Lizette Scialom "The Concentration cure allowed me to be very awake, productive, concentrated for a long time, and at the same time serene when preparing for an exam and during!
The booster effect is definitely felt and I am delighted with the effectiveness.
I particularly love the almond flavor which goes well in drinks, smoothies or yogurt!"

Angèle Ferreux-Maeght, naturopath, chef and founder of La Guinguette d'Angèle

Angele Ferreux-Maeght "I love Hygee products!
I consume them in a large glass of water with lemon juice, or in a smoothie, in vegetable milk or yoghurt for a more gourmet side, I have even sprinkled them on a salad, a soup or dishes!"

Maxime Krantz, sports and nutrition coach

Maxime Kranz Hygee
"First of all, I appreciate the transparency and quality of the products, there are no unnecessary ingredients in the recipes and the formulas are well thought out. The presence of prebiotics allows us to take care of our digestive system and optimize nutrient absorption.
I like to work on two cures at the same time, for example Immunity in the morning and Energy in the afternoon, or Concentration in the morning and Serenity at the end of the day. These are the two mixes that suit me best and with which I tour every 3 weeks / 1 month."

Julie Pujols, sports coach

Julie Pujols Hygee
"I love La Beauté et La Sérénité , which I take in almond milk. I really like adaptogenic plants and I am delighted with the effects on my complexion and my sleep."

Isabella Capece, co-founder of Maisie Café

Isabella Capece "I discovered the Hygée products at Maisie Café and I really liked the principle of adaptogenic powders for each use, Serenity, Energy, Immunity. I tested all 3 of them and found them to be effective. and easy to use."