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While our inspiration is ancestral, our products benefit above all from a scientific foundation. Several months of development between our scientific team and our partner laboratory have led to a complementary combination of the most effective and healthy high-quality ingredients.

Each of our formulas follows the same construction: adaptogens concentrated in active ingredients for the desired effect, accompanied by a base rich in antioxidants and prebiotics to support them. Short formulas, going to the essential, and where each ingredient has its place and a precise function. 

Nothing is lost, nothing is secret, everything is transformed.

More details on formulation in our FAQ.


Throughout the history of herbal medicine (plant therapy), traditional systems have relied on formulas that combine multiple plants and ingredients, acting synergistically.

This is why we, too, combine 2 complementary adaptogenic plants in each of our products. We also add in all our formulas prebiotics, ideal for our digestive system and antioxidants that protect against oxidative stress.

Finally, our products have been designed to be combined. This allows them to work together to address a given problem more holistically and increase the effects of adaptogenic herbs tenfold.

l'union fait la force

With us plants don't vegetate, and mushrooms are champions of nutrition. Get a taste of alternative medicine for a healthy mind in a healthy body.