Hygée is the first French brand of food supplements based on adaptogenic plants. Because they are often smarter than us, Hygée has concentrated their powers in its innovative products, designed to adapt to you and your lifestyle.


Hygée is the result of an observation: we are the first actors in our daily well-being and a few simple gestures can contribute to this. Getting to know yourself, knowing what our body needs and applying a few common sense rules can quickly achieve well-being.

So why deprive yourself of it?


Even if it means being an actor in your well-being, you might as well participate in it fully. Entirely natural and from Organic Farming (for Powders), our products come in the form of powders, drops and capsules to incorporate into your daily rituals: water, drink, smoothie, breakfast bowl... A effective way to activate your diet in a simple gesture, at the time you prefer during the day.

To be consumed as a cure or simply when you feel the need.

quelle plante adaptogene pour quels bienfaits


Booted with various medicinal powders by his Indian grandmother and surrounded by pharmacists passionate about plants, it was only natural that Ehsane Cassam-Chenaï became interested in gentle solutions to improve his daily life subject to the vagaries of a hectic lifestyle.

Today, on the strength of his own awareness, his ambition with Hygée is to encourage "self-care" and prevention by involving and empowering everyone, particularly on the impacts of nutrition and lifestyle on health. He wants to make the new generation of consumers aware of natural, gentle, healthy and quality remedies to promote committed and responsible well-being.

To develop the products, Ehsane relies on Régis Meyronet, a doctor with a Doctorate in Chiropractic/Nutrition ("Chiropractic Physician") from the prestigious Life University (Atlanta, US), who has been practicing for nearly 20 years office job. The holistic approach he has to his profession, considering the body as a whole and the patient in his individuality, as well as the preponderant place he gives to nutrition in his practice, correspond perfectly to Hygée's philosophy.