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A real winning combo, these are the formulas most popular with our customers: Serenity for its action on stress and sleep, Detox for its immediate effect on digestion, Energy which boosts your physical performanceand finally Balance which promotes a good mood.

  • Serenity acts on stress and soothes anxiety
  • Detox has an immediate effect on digestion and detoxifies the liver
  • Energy boosts your performance
  • Balance promotes a good mood

Serenity (for 3g.): inulin* (1000 mg), dry extract of Ashwagandha* (Whitania Somnifera, 600 mg), Moringa* (Moringa oleifera, 450 mg), Acai berry* (Euterpe oleracea , 450 mg), dry extract of Holy Basil* (Ocimum sanctum, 400 mg), natural flavor of Hibiscus (100 mg).

Detox (for 3g.): inulin* (1000 mg), dry extract of Desmodium (Desmodium adscendens, 600 mg), dry extract of Schisandra* (Schisandra chinensis, 500 mg), dry extract of milk thistle* (Silybum marianum L., 400 mg), Moringa* (Moringa oleifera, 200 mg) , Acai berry* (Euterpe oleracea, 200 mg), natural Mint flavor (100 mg).

Energy (for 3g.): inulin* (1000 mg), Moringa* (Moringa oleifera , 500 mg), Acai berry* (Euterpe oleracea, 500 mg), dry extract of Ginseng* (Panax Ginseng CA Meyer, 450 mg), dry extract of Maca* (Lepidium meyenii, 450 mg), natural flavor of Cinnamon (100 mg).

L'Équilibre (for 18 drops): Water, Rhodiola Extract (Rhodiola rosea, 180 mg), Glycerin extract, Griffonia extract (Griffonia simplicifolia, 75 mg), Honey (60 mg), 2% Saffron (Crocus sativus L., 30 mg), Citicoline (22.5 mg), Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) (2.5µg / 100% AR*), Preservatives: Sorbate of Potassium, Sodium Benzoate, Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid) (200µg / 100% RI*)

Key ingredients


Ashwagandha : balancing adaptogenic plant, soothes both body and mind.

Sacred Basil : adaptogenic plant, calms the body and increases resistance to stress.


Schisandra : adaptogenic fruit, increases the overall resistance of the body and protects the liver.

Desmodium : detoxifies the liver and promotes digestion and elimination.


Ginseng : tonic adaptogenic plant, improves physical and intellectual performance.

Maca : a stimulating adaptogenic plant, has positive effects on mood and libido.

The balance

Griffonia : improves brain activity and maintains a positive mood.

Rhodiola : adaptogenic plant, helps reduce the negative effects of stress on the body.

Saffron : promotes relaxation and positive mood.

Key ingredients

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Anne S.Q.
bons produits

Depuis que je les utilisent je trouve que je me sens mieux. Je les mélange à mon thé. Faut tester ! 😉

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