Stress & Fatigue

Discover our new holistic formula in capsules to improve the body's resistance to stress and reduce fatigue, while toning the body and mind. Resilience promotes letting go and recovery: the mind gains serenity and the body is full of energy.
  • Apaise le corps et l’esprit et contribue à une meilleure récupération
  • Aide l’organisme à mieux résister au stress et à la fatigue
  • Améliore l’endurance, l’humeur et la libido
  • Optimise les performances physiques et sportives

Key ingredients


Origin : Northern Eurasia (Siberia)

Dose : 150 mg, this adaptogenic plant helps the body to better resist stress and fatigue, fights mild depression, exhaustion and low motivation.

Part Used : Root


Origin : Northern Eurasia (Siberia)

Dose : 150 mg, this adaptogenic plant helps the body to better resist stress and fatigue, fights mild depression, exhaustion and low motivation.

Part used : Root


Origin : Peru

Dose : 150 mg, this adaptogenic plant with stimulating and invigorating properties on the body improves endurance, mood and libido.

Part used : Tuber


Origin : Siberia

Dose : 150 mg, this adaptogenic plant boosts physical and athletic performance, protects muscle tissue and relieves physical and mental fatigue.

Part used : Root

Key ingredients

Why choose Hygea?

Ingredients of natural origin

Made in France in the Drôme

Responsible sourcing and production

Recyclable and reusable packaging

Developed by our scientific experts

Customer Reviews

Based on 179 reviews

Des gélules au top qui me permettent d’être beaucoup moins stressée, je me sens mieux.

Laurence D.

Achetée pour mon fils pour l'aider à diminuer son stress.
L'a également aidé à améliorer sa forme physique. Top comme tous les produits HYGEE déjà utilisés.

Une vie pleine de sérénité

De supers produits chez Hygée ! Quand je sais que je vais passer une journée difficile au travail, j’ajoute un peu de sérénité dans mon smoothie du matin et mon stress diminue pour laisser plus de place à la sérénité. Merci Hygée !

frequently asked Questions


2 capsules / day with a large glass of water

Setting time

You can take La Résilience at any time of the day, outside of meals if possible.

Jar duration

One jar contains 56 capsules

Resilience lasts 1 month


For deep and lasting effects, we advise you to extend the dose for at least 3 months and to renew the cure as many times as you feel the need.

It is ideal to do your cure in case of overwork, chronic fatigue or simply to optimize your daily energy level. Resilience is perfect for periods of intense and continuous physical and mental effort to stabilize your fitness level.

We advise you to consume La Résilience in the form of a cure to see effects quickly and find a lasting balance.

To maximize its effects we recommend at least 1 month of treatment and ideally 3 months of treatment.

Yes, you can open them and mix them in a glass of water or in the drink of your choice.

Yes ! Our different products are perfectly synergistic and their effects will even be increased tenfold. You can consume them in peace, together or during the same day (respecting the recommended dose for each of them). Resilience is particularly interesting with:

- Serenity and Balance, the trio forms a complete adaptogenic & anti-stress routine, perfect for the very stressed and anxious ( Anti-Stress Routine Pack )
- Energy (to be consumed before 2 p.m.) to optimize your form and energy level ( Sport Pack )
- Immunity to support your natural defences, better resist infections, colds & allergies ( Resistance Pack )

Resilience is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and children.