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What is an adaptogen?

Adaptogens are a group of plants, berries and mushrooms that help the body regain its natural balance and adapt to the different types of stress it may be subjected to, whether emotional , physical, biological or even environmental.

To be qualified as an "adaptogen", a plant must meet the following three characteristics:

1. Generalized action on the organism: even if each of the adaptogenic plants has its specificities in terms of benefits, their common point is to improve in a general and lasting way the resistance of the organism to all the types of stress to which it can face

2. Normalizing effect : Adaptogens have a regulating and balancing effect on the organism and act in a bidirectional way to strengthen or calm it according to its current state. Unlike some stimulants like coffee, there are no "up & down" effects but rather a stable and lasting action, throughout the day

3. Absence of toxicity: absolutely safe to use and no observed side effects