Meeting with Marie Robert, philosopher, professor, author

Hello Marie, can you introduce yourself and tell us about your background in a few words?

Difficult to do it in a few words as my caps are numerous! But let's say I have three main activities. First professor of philosophy, at the University, then at the Lycée, and now I even give lessons to adults on zoom. Then, I am also the creator and founder of Montessori schools in Paris, Marseille, Clichy, which requires an educational and entrepreneurial vision. Finally, I am a book and podcast author. The common thread of all this is the mad love of transmission! I thank the students who knew how to make me a teacher and the teachers who made me a student!

What does philosophy bring you on a daily basis?

My survival in this world of permanent acceleration! Philosophy is not a miracle cure, but a breath that allows you to find comfort in discomfort. It is certainly a discipline, but also and above all, a way of life.

On your Instagram account @philosophyissexy, you publish a post every morning that dusts off philosophy by anchoring it in our daily lives, how did you come up with the idea?

Very naturally! In fact, I wake up every day with an idea that I write down. Sharing it was therefore the logical next step. This is not a lesson, but a hypothesis, simply deposited there. It's very moving to see how my words transform and resonate with others.

Can we say that philosophy, thought, is part of a certain lifestyle? How do you think this can contribute to our well-being?

Our brain needs movement as much as our body! It's gymnastics. For concentration, to learn to nuance, but also to realize that complexity is a richness, meaning does not come from tranquility, it comes from the fact that we make experiences and manage to observe them, to analyze them, and to evolve thanks to it. Thought allows you to anchor yourself, to find your rightful place.

How do you manage your busy daily life between your different activities?

With a very very organized schedule! And great endurance at work. I plan my days in advance, often week by week. But even if I work a lot, I make sure to respect my needs. My morning “time” is sacred: sports, coffee, chatting with my loved ones, healthy breakfast. It's a ritual!

How do you like to unwind?

I love everything I do, so I'm incredibly lucky that I don't often feel low energy. But let's say that a moment with the family, a long walk or a coffee in the sun are particularly sweet moments to experience. In the background there is always sport and nature which are necessities.

Finally, you tested the Hygée powders, what did you think? How do you like to eat them?

I'm a fan. Particularly fond of La Concentration in my smoothie or my morning coffee. But I also did Immunity cures that I put in my coconut yogurt and Serenity in my herbal tea in the evening when the day was a little too busy… In short, essential!


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