How to prepare your skin for the sun naturally?

The beautiful days are coming and with them, the sun which gives us many benefits: it helps balance our circadian cycle (sleep cycle) and leads to the synthesis of vitamin D, which has a major impact on our good mood and our bone remineralization.

The sun also causes the production of dopamine, serotonin and endorphins and helps to better assimilate magnesium, which has the effect of reducing stress and anxiety.

But, we also know that too much exposure to the sun, without being prepared for it, can be very harmful for our skin. This is the number one cause of premature skin aging. And aside from "cosmetic" damage, repeated sunburn and unprotected exposure can increase the risk of several forms of skin cancer.

Here are some tips to prepare your skin for the sun naturally:

Stay hydrated, in & out

Drinking plenty of water is the secret to beautiful skin, and it goes all year round! So remember to drink at least 1.5L t out throughout the day.

Don't neglect your body. A good moisturizer will allow you to prolong your tan and prevent peeling. Aloe vera is ideal for example after exposure to the sun. And the best thing is to gently exfoliate your body before going out in order to remove dead skin and tan more evenly and lastingly. For a natural option, a little coffee grounds mixed into your shower gel will do just fine :)

Take care of your plate

Diet has a key role in preparing your skin.

Fill up on Omega 3 (good fats: cold-pressed organic oils, avocado, olives...), they are great allies for your skin and form a natural protection. They also allow your skin to regenerate.

Vitamin C is also very interesting, it promotes the healing of the skin and the production of collagen. You will find it in: kiwis, lemons, oranges, parsley, peppers or even wheatgrass juices.

Finally, beta-carotene , contained in carrots, apricots and all red and orange fruits and vegetables, is a super antioxidant that promotes the production of melanin. Ideal for tanning more easily!

Good to know: dark green vegetables such as broccoli, zucchini or spinach also contain beta-carotene as well as lutein, which is very beneficial for the skin.

Prepare your skin with dietary supplements

By taking vitamin C, to be sure to have your right dose.

By testing Urucum, which is very rich in carotenoids, to prepare the skin for tanning and prolong it.

And of course, our formula The beauty which has the effect of preserving your skin from free radicals thanks to Goji and Amla berries, natural sources of antioxidants .

The beauty

Expose yourself gradually

And reasonably. Prepare your skin for exposure but make sure you always protect yourself with a suitable sunscreen.

Start with soft and regular exposures. Between 15 and 20min per day, avoiding the hottest hours (12pm-4pm).

You are now ready for summer! ☀️

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