Perfect for: Promoting cell renewal

Botanical name: Lycium Barbarum, Lycium Chinense

Botanical family: Solanaceae

Part of the plant used: Fruit

Active substances: Antioxidants, vitamins, beta-sitosterol, proteins, minerals & trace elements

Origin: China, Himalayas, Mongolia, France

Goji berry adaptogenic plant

Natural sources of antioxidants and vitamins, Goji berries stimulate vital energy and promote cellular reconstruction. They are allies of choice for your creams since they act as a complement and from the inside.
In traditional Chinese medicine, they are used to prevent the aging of neurological functions, the retina and the skin.
Goji berries also strengthen the immune system and restore energy.

Story :
Wolfberry, called Goji berry since 1973, has been cultivated in China for millennia. Red, elongated and slightly sweet, the Goji berry is nicknamed "fruit of happiness" or "berry of smiles" in Tibet. Its antioxidant properties promote cell renewal. This is why Goji berries are considered a source of eternal youth.

To be found in : Beauty

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Study #2 on the effects of regular consumption of a juice made from Goji berries

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