Perfect for: Remineralising and strengthening hair and nails

Botanical name: Bambusa vulgaris

Botanical family: Poaceae

Part of the plant used: Young shoot

Active substances: Silica

Origin: India, China, Japan


The virtues of bamboo are regenerating, remineralizing and soothing thanks to the vegetable silica it contains. Silica is an essential trace element present in the body , and is notably a natural constituent of hair. In external use, it is used for skin problems (acne skin) and for dry skin. The benefits of bamboo on nails and hair are also recognized: it helps growth and strengthens the hair fiber as well as fragile nails.

Story :
This plant from Asia belongs to the Poaceae family. It has been used for millennia to treat rheumatism, strengthen bones, but also help in the regeneration of cartilage and tissues.

To be found in : The Hair

Bamboo grows hair

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