PERFECT FOR: Protecting the skin from oxidative stress and inflammation

Botanical name: Grifola frondosa

Botanical family: Meripilaceae

Part of the plant used: Whole mushroom

Active substances: Polysaccharides (beta-Glucan)

Origin: Japan


An adaptogenic mushroom, Maïtake has an anti-stress & protective action. It is a very powerful antioxidant that fights against external aggressions (stress, pollution, UV rays, etc.). Maïtake has a powerful anti-inflammatory action and reduces redness, itching, rosacea or acne.

Story :

The Orientals have always reserved a special place for mushrooms in their traditional pharmacopoeias. Most of them are considered "tonics" that increase the body's resistance to different types of stress.

Until recently, maitake could only be picked in the wild. Given the great value of this mushroom in the Eastern pharmacopoeia, it seems that those who found it "danced with joy" when they were discovered, hence the nickname dancing mushroom ! Since 1979, we have known how to cultivate it. The Japanese are still the main producers, and this production continues to increase to meet the growing demands of the Western market.

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