Perfect for: Regulating your immune system and calming your mind

Botanical name: Ganoderma lucidum

Botanical family: Ganodermataceae

Part of the plant used: Mushroom

Active substances: Polysaccharides, Beta-glucans, Triterpenes

Origin: China, Japan

Reishi plante adaptogène

Reishi is particularly known for regulating the immune system, lowering cholesterol, calming the mind and rebalancing the whole body.

Also known as lingzhi in traditional Chinese medicine, Reishi is one of the oldest mushrooms used therapeutically. The word lingzhi means the combination of spiritual power and the essence of immortality. Reishi is indeed considered "the herb of spiritual power", symbolizing success, well-being, divine power and longevity.

Find in: Immunity

Immunité complément alimentaire défenses naturelles

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