Perfect for: Reducing the negative effects of stress on the body

Botanical name: Rhodiola Rosea

Botanical family: Crassulaceae

Part of the plant used: Root

Active substances: Rosine, rosarine, rosavine, salidroside

Origin: Northern Eurasia (Siberia)

Rhodiola plant adaptogen

Rhodiola has shown its effectiveness in reducing stress and anxiety as well as maintaining good cognitive functions. It helps to fight mild depression, exhaustion, low motivation and sleep disorders.

Story :
Rhodiola, also called “pink stonecrop” for the smell of rose given off by its roots, comes from the heights of Siberia. It is an adaptogenic plant that grows in a hostile icy environment which makes it an exceptional plant.
Chinese emperors in search of long life and the secret of immortality organized expeditions to bring it back. In Siberia, Rhodiola was taken regularly, especially during cold and wet periods, to prevent disease. In the mountain villages of Siberia, bouquets of Rhodiola roots are still given to couples before marriage to improve fertility and ensure the birth of healthy children.
Rhodiola is a highly valued plant in traditional medicine in Asia and Eastern Europe. For millennia, it has been used to protect the brain and stimulate the nervous system, improve blood circulation, provide energy, decrease depression, improve work performance and reduce fatigue.
Rhodiola was even popular with the Vikings, who used it to improve mental and physical stamina.

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