Perfect for: Maintaining a calm and comfortable menopause

Botanical name: Trifolium Pratense

Botanical family: Fabaceae

Part of the plant used: Aerial part

Active substances: Saponins, flavonoids (isoflavones), coumarins, essential oil tannins

Origin: Central Europe

Red Clover adaptogenic plant

Red Clover contains the four main isoflavones (biochanin, formononetin, genistein, daidzein) which gives it an estrogenic action. It is indeed used for its beneficial role on female disorders because it reduces the inconveniences related to estrogen deficiency occurring at menopause. It helps in particular to approach this period in a more serene way by reducing hot flashes, perspiration and associated sweats, as well as by calming irritability and nervousness.

Story :
Also called "Meadow clover", "purple clover" or even "fox tail", Red Clover is a plant that is found abundantly in different European countries. In Antiquity, the Druids considered it a sacred plant and attributed to it the power to repel evil spirits. Red Clover is also an important plant in the traditional pharmacopoeia in Asia. It was used as a depurative plant, in particular to relieve skin problems and clear the respiratory tract.

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