5 tips to boost your immunity

Who says change of season says abused organisms. autumn is coming
with its share of good sides : it is the season of cocooning par excellence but
with it, also arrives cooler temperatures conducive to
infections and diseases. We therefore offer you 5 tips to boost your
natural defenses and your vitality !

1. Stock up on vitamins

Our diet has a major impact on our immune system, it
It is therefore necessary to favor foods rich in vitamin A such as
citrus fruits, garlic, leek, onion or even kiwi.

Foods containing vitamin C are formidable shields against viruses and bacteria, you will find them in all the fruits and vegetables that
should be consumed without moderation.

2. Sleep well

Nothing beats quality and restorative sleep to help the good
functioning of your immune system.

Getting enough sleep will allow your body to strengthen
the effectiveness of its natural defences. It will be stronger and therefore,
less susceptible to germs.

For this, remember to ventilate your interior well, this will allow the room
to regulate the air and make germs disappear. and a temperature
bass in your bedroom promotes better sleep.

3. De-stress

In the morning when you wake up or in the evening after a long day at work, take the
time to ask yourself and why not do a little meditation,
breathing exercises or yoga.

Stress is the cause of many ailments as you know and it affects
the body's defences, making it more susceptible to infection.

It is important to listen to your body and soothe it when it has it.
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4. Practice regular physical activity

It's been proven that practicing a sporting activity allows the body to stay in
good health and therefore to be stronger against the bacteria that circulate
everywhere around us.
Sport increases the circulation of the cells of our system
immune system and strengthens our defences.
Be careful, we are not telling you to become addicted either, the practice of a
too much sporting activity can on the contrary weaken our defenses,
you have to be able to find your own balance.

5. Enjoy a thyme drink

Grandmother's recipes have more than once proven their effectiveness and
thyme-based drinks are one of them.
In a cup, pour very hot water then add a spoon
thyme coffee. This herb has fortifying and anti-infective benefits
for the organism. Consume several times a week to strengthen your immune defenses.

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