We have tested guided meditation for you

by Anne-Laure, Communication Manager at Hygée

After having tested the infrared sauna at Belleyme, we wanted to talk to you about meditation because it is an anti-stress practice par excellence.

So we made an appointment at Bloom, THE studio dedicated to the practice of meditation. More than just a studio, it's a real cocoon of well-being, a stress-detox in the heart of the Parisian urban jungle.

At Bloom, there are various 30 to 60-minute classes focused on breathing, stress and emotion management, the body, sleep, concentration, movement, sound baths and yoga. And of course, their halotherapy chamber or salt chamber, which we are going to tell you about.

What are the benefits of the salt chamber?

Halotherapy comes from the Greek word “Halos” which means salt, so it is salt therapy. This mineral has many purifying and soothing virtues. The salt used at Bloom comes from the Himalayas, a salt particularly rich in minerals and iron.

Comfortably seated in the salt room, we relax while breathing the salty air. Spending 45 minutes in a salt chamber is equivalent to spending 3 days by the sea! Breathing salty air helps reduce stress and maintain healthier skin.

What happens during a session ?

Accompanied by a delicious Kodama tea, we go down to the salt room reserved for us. You can opt for a free or guided meditation, ideal for people, like me, who find it difficult to channel their thoughts alone.

The first observation is that we are really in a bubble of well-being. The pink light of Himalayan salt is very soothing, you feel good instantly.

The recording of the meditation lasts 20 minutes and it seemed much faster to me, which is a good sign. I felt a gradual relaxation and I really managed to visualize my emotions as the audio guide invited us to do. We gradually come back to reality and we take the opportunity to benefit from the benefits of the salt that surrounds us.

What are the benefits of meditation?

I felt the effects of the meditation lasting all day and a real relief. You can remember the different steps of the guided meditation (including doing a body scan and focusing on your breathing) to reproduce the experience at home.

Regular meditation trains the brain to react less to negative emotions, to take a step back, to better know how to manage stress and to be more focused. It is a practice that we highly recommend to soothe your anxiety.

And studies prove it, better 5 minutes a day than an hour every two weeks. When the brain is solicited daily for several weeks, the benefits are very quickly felt and we even witness neuronal transformations and a slowing down of cellular aging.

It's your turn !


Find all the information about Bloom on their welovebloom.co .

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