All about lymphatic drainage and the Renata França method

You couldn't miss the trend of lymphatic drainage and the "revolutionary" method of the Brazilian masseuse, Renata França.

The promise ? A refined silhouette, a deflated belly and a feeling of absolute lightness. So we wanted to know more and we asked a few questions to Emilie Le Quellec, specialist in lymphatic drainage and lifting massage and Hygée client.

What is lymph and why act on it?

It is a slightly whitish liquid that circulates in the lymphatic vessels and is filtered via the lymph nodes. The lymph contains in particular lymphocytes and macrophages, ie white blood cells whose role is to help fight infections and eliminate cellular debris. For simplicity !

The circulation of the lymph is activated thanks to the contraction of the muscles and the breathing. As you will have understood, stimulating this whole system is therefore beneficial for the body.

What is lymphatic drainage?

It is a massage that stimulates the lymphatic system which has two functions: to ensure the circulation of immune cells in the body, just that, and to allow the elimination of waste and toxins.

By draining the tissues, we support the lymphatic system and boost its capacities. With its holistic approach, this treatment is very complete.

How is the Renata França method different?

Unlike classic lymphatic drainage (soft and slow), the Renata França method incorporates fast and firm maneuvers. It's a rather invigorating massage, even if some clients doze off ;) We drain more deeply by working on lymphatic circulation and blood circulation.

What are the benefits and who is this technique for?

The benefits are multiple because it is a global approach to the body. Feeling of lightness, improved blood circulation, feeling that the body has more energy, better transit, reduction of cellulite, strengthening of the immune system...

The benefits are visible and invisible, and if some before/after photos are attractive, the most important thing is everything that happens inside the body, everything that cannot be seen!

Lymphatic drainage is for everyone. Both for those who want to give their body a boost, and for those who want to put an end to water retention, heavy legs or even bloating.

It is also an effective method post-operatively to reduce edema and bruising. It is a treatment that promotes sports recovery and relieves pregnant women whose lymph circulates less well during pregnancy.

How many sessions should be done?

That's the big question! If you don't have any pathologies and the idea is just to keep yourself “in shape”, one session per month or every two months is fine.

And for long-lasting results, a healthy lifestyle and regularity are the key.

Afterwards, I always tell my clients to listen to their bodies. It is he who will tell them when to return. It is essential to trust your feelings.

Can we practice lymphatic drainage in self-massage, at home?

Yes absolutely, even if I find it easier and more fun to do on the face (with a roll-on or a Gua Sha from Sentara Holistic for me) than on the body. Personally, it tires my arms very quickly to do it. A height!

During confinement, Renata França made self-massage tutorials on her Instagram. They are well made and easy to follow.

For the face, Sophie Carbonari's videos are brilliant, as are the golden advice and communicative good humor of Emmanuelle Rodeghiero aka Littlebiceps. I also like the self-massages of Vanessa le Seviller, my Kobido trainer!

The basis for not missing out: always bring the lymph to the main lymph nodes and in a movement that goes towards the heart.

What was your trigger to get started in this activity?

As a teenager I wanted to be a shrink, but after two years in college I moved to San Francisco. Then I became interested in yoga, magnetism, the powers of food and plants, meditation... And I slowly introduced more wellness routines into my life.

And after women's journalism, agency communications and an offbeat coloring book for pregnant women, here I am, a masseuse. Life is fun anyway!

To tell you the truth, there were two clicks: the departure of our mother and the very strong desire to do something "good" and concrete with my inheritance. So I went to Bali for a yoga teacher training. For the moment I do not teach, but one day it will come.

Returning from this trip, I looked at the new activity of my friend Manu (littlebiceps) who had started a few weeks earlier, and before anyone else, in the Renata França method. And reading the feedback from his clients on his Insta, I said to myself “I want to do the same”.

It feels so good to take care of others. It's super precious what happens during the hour of massage. To say to yourself that a person trusts you, entrusts you with their body or their face, I find that pretty.

What are your daily wellness tips and routines?

According to Ayurveda, the night settles in the mouth Âma (waste of undigested food). So THE ritual that I never derogate from: cleaning my tongue with a scraper and brushing my teeth before eating or drinking. I continue with a dry brush followed by a cold shower (just cool in winter, don't push). It obviously wakes up but I especially have the feeling that the energy circulates more.

I could tell you that then I meditate every morning before doing a yoga session, but not at all ;-) These are more weekend activities.

On the other hand, I clean my house every day by burning Palo Santo, Yerba Santa or sage. It calms me down in two seconds and I have the impression that our place of life breathes better.

Two mantras that I try to apply on a daily basis: do things seriously, without taking yourself too seriously; and a Yogi Tea message (to each his own spiritual masters!) which says something like that at the dawn of simplicity, complications disappear.

Basically, do things with the heart, cool and go to bed early! People rarely manage to reach me after 9:00 p.m.…

What are your impressions of Hygée products and how do you integrate them into your daily life?

The Serenity powder is an evening ritual, it's my little “dessert” that I take with hot vegetable milk. I am starting the 3rd month of treatment and I clearly feel more rested and with more restorative sleep.

I give my customers a cup when I feel they are a little overworked and the feedback is always great! 

I have a confession to make: the first time I ran out of Serenity, it was total panic! Since then, I have a pot in advance and I look forward to the refill format.


Find Émilie on her Instagram account @emilie_le_quellec_ and of course Renata França

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