Aromatherapy: 5 things to know for a relaxing wellness routine

In aromatherapy, we use essential oils, vegetable oils and hydrosols to soothe our daily lives: whether mental or physical, aromatherapy provides a global well-being solution.

To manage stress, essential oils have proven themselves. We teach you in a few words how to use them to relax on a daily basis and what are the basics to know.

If you are the stressed, anxious type, this article is for you! :)

1. Essential oils are not harmless

Essential oils contain active molecules in high concentration. Aromatherapy is the only natural medicine that is not sweet.

2. How to apply essential oils?

You can apply them to the skin, diffuse them, or even swallow them. Be careful, the dosage is important. It is preferable to use ready-to-use products such as organic essential and vegetable oil compositions from Medene, for example.

3. What precautions should be taken when using essential oils?

Essential oils are concentrates of active ingredients, so it is not harmless and it is necessary to strictly observe the following precautions for use:

Essential oils can be irritating or allergenic. It is best to do an allergy test before using them (apply essential oils diluted in vegetable oil to the elbow and wait 24 or even 48 hours).

Essential oils are not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Then prefer vegetable oils or hydrolats. The effects are not the same, so it is essential to inquire for these particular cases.

Essential oils can be used in children beyond 6 years and sometimes more. It depends on the oil and the method of application.

Essential oils are not suitable for people with epilepsy.

4. Focus on stress: which essential oils to choose against stress?

Some essential oils have molecules that influence the so-called vegetative nervous system. To calm stress, even if the list would be long, we selected these oils for their calming and relaxing properties (sometimes even sedative for some):

Petitgrain essential oil

It is really adapted to soothe and fight against the stress of everyday life. By acting on your nervous system, it restores a balance, which allows you to calm down. What's more, its scent is known to be relaxing and uplifting.

True lavender essential oil

It has the ability to calm, soothe your stress and anxiety. It soothes the nerves and promotes sleep.

Green mandarin essential oil

It is calming and relaxing. Adapted in case of strong anxieties, it allows you to find your calm. Like citrus essential oils, it contributes to a good mood. It is also suitable in case of nervous breakdown and insomnia (be careful, this oil is photo-sensitizing so do not expose yourself to the sun with it).

5. Tips for getting rid of daily stress

When under stress, your body goes on high alert. You are tense, your heart beats faster, you have trouble breathing and your thoughts become blurred. We have all experienced this but the feeling can be more or less positive depending on your physical and mental condition and depending on the duration and repetition of the stressful situation. Essential oils will act on these different points to "calm" your body's state of alert and bring your nervous system back into balance, just like adaptogens .

Naturopathy brings together several natural methods to relax: eat healthier, stay hydrated, practice a regular sporting activity adapted to your body, take time for yourself, practice creative activities, relax with herbal medicine recipes... relaxation is a whole and requires regularity. Gradually moving into a healthy routine can help you stick with it longer. Everyone's will has a lot to do with it, don't be afraid, it's within everyone's reach. Get started!

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