Mickaël & Sébastien: travels and recipes

Hello Michael, hello Sébastien in a few words, who are you?

Hello, hello! In short: we live in Paris but we are still traveling around the world, at least before the pandemic.

In life, what makes us vibrate is to travel. Set off to discover new places, get lost and ask for directions, learn local habits and customs... Travel is an incredible personal development factor, even better than a shrink! And when we are not on a plane, we board our little Fiji shiba and head to La Rochelle to fill up on “vitamin sea” while enjoying our friends and family, far from the Parisian shambles.

What are your main activities?

    Mickaël: I am a lingerie stylist in ready-to-wear and also a content creator, photographer and community manager for several clients in collaboration with Sébastien.

    Sébastien: For my part, I work as a designer writer on my own for several brands and I am also a content creator and community manager with Mickaël. For the start of the school year, we are thinking of a new 2.0 agency concept that would bring together all our digital skills.

    How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating the @jaifaim account?

      It's been a long time since we wanted to group together in a single account all our food spots tested during our travels. One day in Tulum, between two guacamole, we said to ourselves and why not add our personal recipes? This is how @jaifaim was born. For the name of the account, in the middle of a Parisian stroll, we came out at the same time: "I'm hungry". We had our account name.

      During the confinement, many people reproduced our recipes for healthy smoothies and bowls that we shared on our respective accounts. When we understood that the confinement was going to last more than 2 weeks, we announced the creation of @jaifaim . In the program ? Simple recipes to reproduce at home and photos of spots that we loved during our travels, just to make people travel from their sofa.

      You have been taking Hygée cures for several months, what are your impressions of the products?

        Mickaël: With a hectic lifestyle, I need to be on top throughout the day. For this, I tested the Energy treatment. Results ? I feel much less tired and I stay focused much longer. I like to mix my cure with my coffee, just to be at the top from the start of the day. Otherwise I mix it with my fruit granola, just as good!

        Sébastien: I opted for the Immunity treatment. Just before summer, I'm quite prone to fatigue, the Hygée cure after a few weeks has definitely boosted my immune system. I'm full of energy, ready to enjoy sunny days. I love mixing it into a smoothie in the morning. My favorite recipe? A banana, a few pieces of peaches, a bottom of almond milk, a teaspoon of my powder and voila!

        The final word ?

          Many people ask us what is the key to being happy in these complicated times. We want to say a lot of self-esteem, love yourself as you are, leave toxic people aside and enjoy your loved ones.

          Adopt the lifestyle that suits you, hydrate yourself, wash your hands and wear a mask!


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