Meeting with Stéphanie Allerme (Mademoiselle Pierre): reconversion and art of living

Hello Stéphanie, can you tell us a bit about yourself, your background and your new turning point in life?

I just celebrated my 37th birthday, I have been living in Arles for 2 years after 15 years in Paris and 2 burn outs. Between 2011 and 2018, I created a consulting, communication & events agency, after having worked for 6 years in a communication agency and having been a journalist.

At the same time, I created Ma Demoiselle Pierre, a jewelery brand made in Paris which has become a creative label, and which has remained my nickname on the networks. I had opened a shop of the same name, with a decor that changed every month. I also filmed in a web TV, I was an ambassador & creator for Reebok for 5 years, and I accompanied a French influencer in the deployment of her events in Paris, Cannes, via Bordeaux, Lyon & even Toronto!

All these years have been fabulous! I took full advantage of my projects, thousands of encounters and Paris! Except that I had forgotten my personal balance, my body and its signals out of the equation. Fatigue, stress, overwork, digestion problems, sleep problems. Then burn out, twice, in case I didn't understand the message!

It was then urgent to change my way of life. I left Paris almost overnight for a small town in the south of France, Arles, known for international photography meetings. I finally took time for myself, to relearn how to live, eat, move, travel, train myself by letting myself be guided by my intuition.

I am now a holistic business coach & yoga teacher. I support the reconnection of entrepreneurs & creative talents with my 2 projects @arlesdevivreofficiel & @lamaison_arlesdevivre .

My days are punctuated by the video coaching of the 7 women I am supporting at the moment, the lives that I offer with happiness between yoga nidra, self-massage of the face and inspiring interviews around the art of living: changes of life & places to live.

I organize and lead holistic retreats, private with Arles de Vivre & collective with Namastrip Retreat.

And I take time for myself: yoga, meditation, journaling, sound baths, acupuncture, self-massages, walking in nature, sea bathing, cooking...

Tell us a bit about the many facets of your Ar(les) de vivre project?

It is a holistic project around the Art of Living in all its forms, I propose several things:

- Coaching, first of all, to propel women entrepreneurs, with all my know-how. They can come to me with just an idea, a desire, a name. Or they have been entrepreneurs for years & need to make a change. I accompany them with a unique approach to propel and realign themselves.

I connect with their life mission through valuable tools such as angelic & vibrational numerology. Then we co-create their business. We can co-create events, too, like a yoga retreat. The last was in Hossegor with Yogichérie. Hygée was also a partner in our weekend rituals. Energy for breakfast & Serenity for the evening infusion.

We can create capsule collections, like with @laseinograph with our New Beginnings ritual kit that just came out for the holidays, where we find Hygea again inside.

- I organize tailor-made & individual business retreats in Arles

- I regularly host live shows on @arlesdevivreofficiel where I offer moments of well-being (gentle yoga, nidra, self-massage...) and I receive guests to talk about their life changes to inspire, to have fun well and deconstruct their thought patterns to be freer. And feel aligned with your own art of living!

- There is La Maison Arles de Vivre, too! It's a digital space, already, on Instagram, to conduct interviews / reflections around the subject of housing. We rediscovered this year in particular that it was the basis of our Art of Living. It is also a house in the heart of the historic center of Arles but under construction for 2 and a half years and whose project has come to a halt with this particular year that we are going through. I share my story, too, to talk about changes of course sometimes imposed! And inspire by being sincere.

How was your encounter with Ayurveda?

After my 2nd burn out, I went to India, to Kerala, trained by a friend for a yoga & Ayuve-what? ;) It was not even 2 years ago and it totally changed my life. Understand myself better through the prism of the elements: air, water, earth, fire, ether. Understand that everything is connected. Our state of being, our mood, our environment, our lifestyle... It clearly inspired my whole project and my way of supporting women who trust me, at the same time that it changed my way of life.

What are your daily wellness rituals?

Right now, I meditate every morning after drinking a cup of Hygea Energy. Depending on the period, it can be a Vinyasa session. Then I have breakfast, I give myself a facial massage, I write.

After lunch, I do a yoga nidra session as much as possible, to recharge my batteries after a first coaching session in the morning. Then, a crystal bowl bath in the evening after busy afternoons and lives. I use incense a lot to harmonize my space or synergies of essential oils.

Finally, what is your impression of the Hygée products?

A favorite ! I have been in treatment since September with L'Énergie in the morning & La Sérénité in the evening. I had stopped L'Énergie for a while and I felt an imbalance. The 2, together, are really the ideal combo for me. To balance action and relaxation. And I'm addicted to their tastes ;)


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