Meeting with Julie Pradines: naturopathy and intuitive eating

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

So I'm Julie Pradines! 5 years ago now, following an emotional shock, I fell ill, I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, and I wanted to treat myself naturally because I couldn't find the answers to my pathology in allopathic medicine. So I met my first love, Ayurveda . I decided to go to India, I stayed there for a few weeks, that's where I learned the beginnings of natural medicine, Indian medicine. I fell in love with this country, and their holistic vision!

I returned, and very shortly after, thirsty for knowledge, I left to live in Vietnam for a year, to learn Chinese medicine, and I followed a double correspondence course in naturopathy! Not all rest! I managed to accompany myself, to put things in place, to be my little lab rat! And now, it's been 2 years since I've been doing consultations, what happiness!

You share a lot of recipes on your Instagram, what is your vision of food?

My vision of food is intuitive food . I say to myself every day, "what am I going to add to my diet today to be in great shape?" Intuitive eating is a positive approach that involves eating more with your senses than with your head. ⁣

⁣The first principle of intuitive eating is to stop dieting. Toss out diet books and magazine articles that promise rapid weight loss, and ditch any meal plan that dictates what foods you can eat, or how much. When you follow a diet, certain foods are presented as prohibited, which makes them even more tempting.⁣ We are not here to suffer! Food is life! Especially since in our country, we are full of so many good things! Instead of deleting everything, my key word is: add all the good things to allow yourself small pleasures without feeling guilty! Let's be gentle with ourselves and our body will reward us.

What's in your kitchen and cupboards? What are your essentials?

Ahahah, my cupboards, it's my happiness... I have a crate full of plants for virtuous infusions, superfoods and adaptogenic powdered plants galore that I love to consume every day! The Immunity and The Serenity of Hygea of ​​course! But also, chaga, maca , reishi , chlorella, spirulina, ginger, amla , inulin... And I'm passionate about jars, much to the dismay of my spouse, my kitchen is full of them!

What are your tips for staying in shape this winter and keeping your spirits up despite the confinement?

My advice for spending a more serene winter is precisely to take advantage of the confinement to put all this in place:

- Take care of your breathing: breathe quality air

- Diffusing essential oils helps prevent infections & cleanse our interior.⁣ My recommendations: HE grapefruit + lemon + Scots pine = kills microbes in the air and soothes the mind

- Experiment with breathing exercises like cardiac coherence

- Get enough sleep & go to bed early

- Balance your work/rest times. Remember to take care of yourself, and you pamper yourself

- Revitalize your diet: we spend most of our time digesting, and it takes a lot of energy

- Help your body to better assimilate by chewing, choosing the right food associations and favoring raw foods if you digest them well at the start of the meal because they are richer in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants than cooked foods

- Choose cooking that preserves enzymes such as gentle steam

- Remove the stimulants that make you believe in a boost of energy

For optimal dynamism, every day: consume homemade or lacto-fermented vegetable juices, kombucha, various proteins, Omega 3, superfoods thoroughly! Hygea powders in a smoothie or in a good comforting latte with a blanket. Combine business with pleasure!

⁣Since when do you consume adaptogenic plants and what benefits do you get from them?

I have been using it for a very long time, I discovered it in India, my two favorites are Ashwagandha and reishi. Ashwagandha accompanies me in my difficult end of days where I had too big a to do list and where I want to rest, I know that this one completely fulfills its mission! And reishi I love to take it in the morning, I know it's there to help my immune system and to cure the peach when I'm feeling a bit sluggish!

Finally, what is your impression of the Hygée products?

I like ! Hygée finally gives out turnkey products to easily add adaptogenic plants to your diet! In powder form, it allows a simple and playful use of the products.

With themes that affect all of our needs: Energy to recharge the batteries, Immunity to support natural defences, Serenity for mental and physical well-being. Just sprinkle a teaspoon into a hot or cold drink anytime of the day.

No excuse not to add these beautiful little things to our diet!


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