Meeting with Julie Pujols, sports coach, founder of Pilates Booty and journalist

Hello Julie, can you introduce yourself and tell us about your background in a few words?

After a Master's degree in modern literature in Bordeaux, I moved to Paris and became a journalist. Initially, in the music. I did a lot of dance and fitness and it was an accident (a whole body burn) that made me realize that my passion was also movement. So I passed the State Diploma of Fitness Trades, then I trained in Pilates.

From that moment, I started to write for the Form and Well-being sections of several magazines for which I still work (Elle, Paris Match, Version Fémina…).

Today, my two professions are my balance, one for the body, the other for the head, and every day it is a pleasure to dedicate myself to it.

You founded your method, Pilates Booty, what does it consist of? What are the benefits of Pilates?

It's a hybrid class that mixes muscle building with Pilates. Mixing these two disciplines is my trademark. In my opinion, nothing better than fitness and bodybuilding to sculpt the silhouette. As for Pilates, it is a gentle gym that allows you to tone the abdominals in depth. It works miracles, after one to two months of practice: thinner waist, more back pain, better flexibility...

How do you (re)give people the desire to play sports?

First, you have to start without pressure or too high a goal. We get started without equipment, and by doing small short sessions. At the end of class, I invite my students to do a quick body and mind scan: each time, you feel more toned, re-energized, de-stressed and proud of yourself. Realizing this is the key to wanting to start over and therefore enter a virtuous circle for… your whole life!

What are your best tips for feeling good about your body, beyond sport?

The balance ! I am against diets, injunctions to eat only healthy foods, to take care of yourself non-stop, to do too much sport… I know, from my experience, that one can quickly become obsessive and too much in control. You can take care of yourself, play sports, eat well, while allowing yourself burgers, a glass of wine, vacations without lifting a finger… It's all about balance. And we only have one life, you have to be an epicurean! :)

Do you have morning or evening routines?

In the morning, it's my matcha tea when I wake up, with my food supplements when I'm in treatment, then a full breakfast! In the evening, I clean my face then I apply my care by massaging myself with my gua sha. It takes me 5 minutes, but I do it mindfully and breathing deeply.

Finally, what is your impression of Hygée products and how do you like to consume them?

I love La Beauté and La Sérénité , which I take in almond milk. I really like adaptogenic plants and I am delighted with the effects on my complexion and my sleep.


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