Interview with Melodie Dewever, Certified Naturopath

Hello Melodie, can you introduce yourself?

A lawyer by training and a graduate of a Grande Ecole, I began my career in major fashion houses. Working girl with a stressful schedule, I was faced with health concerns. I then realized that my most precious asset was my health. I then reconverted myself in what is now my passion and which drives me: transmitting simple tools through a holistic approach to well-being that is differentiated and adapted to the needs of my clients.

Today, certified naturopath and yoga teacher, I accompany my clients in a personalized way with simple tools to implement on a daily basis, because there is no need to hurt yourself to do yourself good! Consultations, retreats, workshops, ebooks, online programs... I try to offer as much support as possible to develop health prevention.

Melodie Dewever

Why did you choose the path of naturopathy? Who is she talking to ?

Before my big health concern, I was followed by doctors. I have been given symptomatic treatments several times that have not addressed the cause of my problem. Until the day my body gave up. It was then that I discovered naturopathy and began to apply its principles to myself in addition to allopathic medicine. Everything changed for me, so I wanted to study and train myself to pass on to others what I had learned at my expense.

Naturopathy is for everyone who wants to become an actor in their health: naturopaths are not doctors, we are there to support and advise on healthy living using natural tools. She can go to:

- For people wishing to optimize their lifestyle, in health prevention

- In addition to medicine to relieve discomfort: cancers, diabetes, cholesterol, osteoarticular problems, menopause...

- In support: digestive sphere, hormonal, stress management problems, acne, candidiasis, nutrition of pregnant women, weight loss...

If you had to give ONE wellness advice to someone?

Listen to each other! What works for someone may not necessarily work for you. Learning to listen to yourself and respect your body is already the first step in cultivating your well-being.

Adaptogenic plants and naturopathy, if you had to make a connection?

Holistic and tailored.

An adaptogenic plant adapts to the needs of the body of the person and has an important influence on the physical and the mental. It will encourage the body to adapt, which will improve the body's resistance. It is a fascinating functioning which acts globally and which has beneficial effects specific to each one.

In naturopathy, we take the individual as a whole, we look for the cause of any discomfort to give advice adapted to the body, the needs, and the schedule. For me, it's about giving holistic advice “Inside (diet, organ support) and “Outside” (physical activity, management of emotions). I actually based my InsideOut Wellness concept on that.

Finally, one could almost say that the naturopath acts like an adaptogenic plant and vice versa!

You tested several Hygée products, what did you think?

I've been a fan of powders since the beginning! Beauty accompanies me in my smoothies as a cure twice a year, I love the composition and the taste. I was also able to test La Peau when I got back from vacation, the synergy of ingredients is perfect to avoid the imperfections that you can normally have after the sun. I also recommend L'Équilibre for periods of intense stress, Rhodiola and Griffonia are my best anti-stress sellers! Clean ingredients, effective synergies and supports that are as beautiful as they are good, that's what I love about Hygée.


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