Our commitments


Thoughtful sourcing

We select only responsibly sourced ingredients.

We prioritize the best extracts (those with the highest concentration of active substance) and the best plants (the best picked and preserved) every time so as to offer the best of nature.

A Made in France design

We produce in France, near Montélimar, in the Drôme. ⠀⠀

Our partner laboratory is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified and delivers pharmaceutical quality products. The formulas are declared to the DGCCRF in accordance with the 2006 directive and are all tested by a laboratory in microbiological analysis.

Quality products

As a food supplement manufacturer, we submit to regulations (filing formulas with the DGCCRF, control of claims and labeling, AB certification with Ecocert, microbiological analyses, etc.) This is much more restrictive but also a guarantee of much better quality and effectiveness of products.

Hygée's signature? Short formulas going to the essential (minimum 97% active ingredients) where each ingredient has its place and a precise function. Our desire is to be as transparent as possible. 

Minimum 95% of ingredients are certified Organic Agriculture by Ecocert. Our products are vegan and contain no excipients, no other controversial ingredients, no lactose, no gluten.

In a 3g teaspoon, we find:
- 1g of adaptogens highly concentrated in active substance
- 1g of prebiotic (inulin)
- 1g of antioxidants (acai and moringa)
And that's it!"

An environmentally friendly packaging

We take care to reduce waste production and, as soon as possible, offer reusable packaging and avoid superfluous (our jars are made of glass). 

With this in mind, we are launching label-free paper refills. Customers order their 1st jar and reuse it by refilling it with the refill.

The refill will be available in the following languages

An associative commitment

Hygée donates 1% of its annual sales to associations working to defend nature, as part of its commitment to the 1% for the Planet program.


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