Meeting with Lucile Battail, founder of Laboté

Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your background in a few words?

A baby chemist from the age of 6, I set up my first laboratory in a hut at the bottom of my garden and tested my plant potions on my sisters. I decided to professionalize my approach and studied botany, dermopharmacy and galenic for 8 years. I did research in medicine and then specialized in cosmetics in recent years.

The trigger to create Laboté took place while I was working in a pharmacy: I realized that the creams that I recommended were not really suitable and that there was an infinite offer of standard products but very uniform in their compositions which didn't "work" on some skins, including mine! I have hormonal acne prone skin which I "controlled" thanks to the pill until the day I stopped it. As soon as I bought products, I developed a form of anxiety at the idea that they would cause more pimples to appear. I was frustrated to see my friends buy pretty clean brands when I was condemned to odorless, tasteless dermo-cosmetics. Inspired by my first practical work around masterful preparations and preparations for pharmacies in which I was able to work, I wanted to apply this pharmacist's know-how to cosmetics.

Tell us about the concept of your Laboté brand?

Laboté is a brand designed for all skin types looking for an effective solution: a tailor-made, clean and sensory solution. Inspired by the pharmacy, we are reinventing the beauty industry through personalization, a holistic and scientific approach. With my team of naturopaths, we have created a holistic and scientific diagnostic method that decodes the skin in all its dimensions. The algorithm we created is based on the analysis of more than 110,000 skin profiles to recommend active ingredients and treatment protocols for each person. Behind each question, a combination and dosage of active ingredients that are specified, a number of treatments that can be adjusted and holistic advice that can be adapted.

We offer a complete tailor-made protocol: treatments concentrated in medicinal plant active ingredients with proven efficacy, formulated on demand and with customizable textures, but also advice on diet and nutrition, herbal medicine and facial yoga to boost the beauty of the skin.

How do you manage your daily life as an entrepreneur?

I try to organize myself as much as possible during the week in order to be efficient. I like to end my days with the certainty that I have created value and that I have been productive! I sometimes work late but recover on weekends and am so passionate about my work that I can't see the hours passing. I try to cut as much as possible on Saturday & Sunday by doing sports and sleeping a lot. Seeing my family and friends is also an essential way of disconnecting for me.

What are your wellness and anti-stress routines?

Sport is my best anti-stress so I do as much as possible (I run, do a little yoga and muscle strengthening exercises). I cook a little and love to make great juices. Right now I'm doing an antioxidant & radiance juice cleanse that I love based on carrots, apples, spinach, lemons and parsley. I choose apples that are rather a little sweet so that the taste is amazing!

Of course I love taking care of my skin, it's also a way for me to let go and relax. Every evening I have a face ritual that includes yoga gestures with cleansing the skin with oil and a little lymphatic drainage. Every weekend I do a peeling followed by a mask (our pure flash or radiance protocols) and I take the opportunity to listen to a podcast or do a meditation exercise!


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