Perfect for: Detoxifying your liver and promoting digestion and elimination

Botanical name: Desmodium adscendens

Botanical family: Fabaceae

Part of the plant used: Leaf

Active substances: Flavonoids, isoquinoline alkaloids, fatty acids, saponosides, anthocyanosides, tryptamine derivatives.

Origin: Equatorial Africa, Latin America

Desmodium plant adaptogen

Desmodium has hepatoprotective properties: this plant increases the resistance of liver cells in the event of inflammation of toxic or infectious origin, in particular following drug treatment (antibiotics for example). Desmodium is indicated to facilitate smoking cessation or to treat alcohol dependence because it stimulates hepatic drainage functions and in particular the rapid and complete elimination of ethanol derivatives .

Story :
Desmodium is a traditional remedy originating from West Africa where the plant is used against liver or digestive diseases, asthma and skin problems (jaundice, eczema). In Latin America, it is used in the treatment against convulsions, epilepsy, diarrhoea, malaria and genito-urinary infections. Resembling clover, Desmodium is a wild, perennial, multi-leaved plant. Creeping or climbing, this plant rests on the trunks of cocoa trees or oil palms.

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