Perfect for: Increasing your body's overall resistance, protecting your liver.

Botanical name: Schisandra chinensis

Botanical family: Magnoliaceae

Part of the plant used: Fruit, seed

Active substances: lignans, essential oils, vitamin C

Origin: China

Schisandra adaptogenic plant

Schisandra increases the overall resistance of the body. Its ability to protect our liver reduces stress-induced liver damage. Schisandra improves sports performance through better endurance and cell oxygenation. It also allows our body to have better immune resistance and to get used to changes in the environment (jetlag, temperature, etc.). Finally, nicknamed "the fruit of love" in traditional Chinese medicine, this berry has powerful aphrodisiac properties, for both men and women.

Story :
Schisandra, "wu wei zi" in Chinese, means "fruit with five flavors". This name originates from the combined tastes in this fruit: the seeds are pungent and bitter, the peel and flesh are sweet and sour, and the whole fruit is salty. In traditional Chinese medicine, each flavor is associated with a particular organ and is said to benefit one of the five yin organs: the liver, kidneys, heart, lungs or spleen.

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