Meeting with Alexandra Muller, founder of We Love Raw

Hello Alexandra, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

My name is Alexandra, I'm 32 years old and I'm passionate about "Beauty food", photography, travel, people... life. A few years ago, I left everything to restore meaning to my daily life. I created my freelance social media consulting company to support my clients with kindness in their digital communication. During these years as a digital nomad, I left to discover the world. I love my job but I strive to keep time to preserve my personal balance.

You launched "Weloveraw" a few years ago, can you tell us more?

I discovered rawfood in Canada, then in Asia and it was the trigger. Rawfood or "living food" is unprocessed or refined food. Live food is essentially raw and vegan, but with a few possible additions of cooked foods (low temperature cooking, gentle steam) to preserve the food's enzymes and nutrients as much as possible.

I observed the benefits of this natural diet on my body, feeling deeply nourished and perfectly aligned. I realized that raw food was one of the pillars of health and that each individual should be considered as a whole. This holistic approach resonated with me and I had only one wish, to share this light with my loved ones. Through travels and meetings, different practices have also come to embellish my daily life (meditation, yoga, mindfulness, stress management, etc.) and strengthen my balance.

I understood that to change our habits, we need to be guided at the beginning of the journey by experts with benevolence. Back in France, I therefore imagined "Weloveraw" as a collective adventure where we could in turn provide valuable tools (tips, recipes, advice, therapies, etc.) adapted to each person's specific profile. I am happy that "Weloraw" can now provide concrete support in a transition to a healthy, radiant and sustainable lifestyle.

What's in your kitchen and cupboards? What are your essentials?

I just wrote a whole article about it. My friends and my community often asked me the question and I created a detailed memo with all my secrets: to guide them easily.

And your Beauty Food advice?

I would simply answer: adopt a diet particularly rich in organic and seasonal fruits and vegetables, consume natural products, hydrate regularly!

I do juice cures at each change of season and I add adaptogen powders to my preparations.

What are your daily wellness rituals?

Take my meals in peace with full awareness, walk at least 10km a day near the ocean, practice a yoga session even if it's 15 minutes and take the time to apply my 100% natural beauty ritual.

Small simple gestures but very beneficial on a daily basis.

And finally, what is your impression of Hygée products and how do you like to consume them?

I am totally seduced by the products and I have loved the universe of the brand since the beginning. My favorite is Immunity .

I always put a teaspoon in my infusions, lattes, cold-pressed juices or yogurts.


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