Meeting with Margaux de Fouchier, multi-faceted artist

Hello Margaux, can you introduce yourself and tell us about your background in a few words?

My name is Margaux, I was born and raised in Paris, where I live.

I thrive in different creative worlds: after studying photography, I released a first music album at Universal then a second project in English in self-production. I was Head of Social at Vestiaire Collective for two and a half years, and today I support other brands, including Maison Matisse, as a freelancer.

I have a new music project in preparation different from what I could do before, a new site which aims to be more than a "portfolio", and finally a book project! In love with light, with my man, greedy, hypersensitive...

You recently opened your new site where you share your different passions, can you tell us more about it?

With pleasure ! I wanted to have a "place" where I can freely share everything I do and everything that drives and inspires me. For the moment there are my photographs, my various digital projects and collaborations, then there will be moodboards, wishlists, texts, meetings... The idea is to make it evolve according to my desires, my moves heart, my projects!

What place does creativity hold in your life and how is it expressed?

I think that the sensitivity I inherited gives me the need to express myself in one way or another, and in a very spontaneous way. It is expressed today above all through the way I look around me, through photography, words, singing, but also everything that inspires me. " To create is to live twice" said Camus, and I particularly like this sentence which represents the almost vital need to get out what is in our head, what touches us, moves us, jostles us, inspires, fascinates us… and so on.

Where do you find inspiration on a daily basis?

I really can be inspired by "anything", as long as it touches me, resonates with me, challenges me. Even in what I don't like; it's like making mistakes, it's a learning experience. What inspires me every day is a light, a play of colors, materials...

I am also obviously very inspired by the work of many people whom I discover through social networks, who inspire me with their originality, delicacy, mastery of light, sensitivity... Of course, the subtlety and poetry are subjective but that's what moves me the most.

What are your rituals to feel good, in your body and your mind?

Write what I am grateful for , what I have, what I "know how to do", what I "accomplished", what I am proud of.

Listening very loud to the music I love and dancing , jumping as much time as my body and mind need to let off steam and have fun.

Take time for myself : to write, to read, to tell the people I love that I love them, to marvel , to learn new things or simply breathe and "congratulate" myself.

And taking refuge in the arms of my lover obviously has a marvelous effect!

Finally, what is your impression of Hygée products and how do you like to consume them?

I find their consumption fun , I love the idea of ​​being able to prepare my little potion and the "mix" of powders according to my needs and to be able to add them to my huge consumption of hot drinks, but also on fruit salads and yogurts!

I like the cure side that allows you to make it a ritual in the morning and in the evening, and to also be able to use L'Énergie and La Sérénité more sporadically as a real boost.


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