Wellness tips from our team

We are the first actors in our daily well-being and a few simple gestures can contribute to it. Learning to listen to yourself, knowing what your body needs and applying a few common sense rules can often help you achieve well-being.

Adding dietary supplements to your routine is one of them. By adapting the body's response to stress, adaptogenic plants have the power to help us find our own balance.

Through our products, we transmit this strong conviction: everyone is unique and there is only one magic formula: yours. For this we are at your side to help and advise you on a daily basis.

Tips from Léa, our e-commerce manager

“I try to get at least 15 minutes of sunshine a day (when there is!). It allows me to be boosted. »

Vitamin D is synthesized by the body when the skin is exposed to sunlight (UV rays). We need 15 mcg of vitamin D per day for a healthy adult. It plays an important role in the fixation of calcium on the bones and prevents, for example, osteoporosis. But this vitamin has a multitude of health benefits such as its role in immunity. Some scientists have shown that vitamin D would prevent annual seasonal depression. It is essential for well-being all year round!

Tips from Juliette, our sales & partnerships manager

“I exercise several times a week. »

It's no secret that sport or physical activity are beneficial for health. Reduced stress, improved sleep, increased muscle mass.

“I massage my scalp to activate circulation. »

To promote good irrigation of the hair bulbs, massage the scalp with your fingertips for 2 to 3 minutes. in order to stimulate microcirculation. This scalp massage can act as a stress reliever, and also improve hair growth. Find our 7 tips for healthy hair .

Bet on our food supplement La Chevelure based on Amla and Bamboo to strengthen and reduce hair loss.


“I try to limit my screen time as much as possible. »

We face a lot of screens and light today blue which can tire the body. Do not hesitate to deactivate notifications in the evening and to avoid the screen 2 hours before sleeping in order to have a better quality sleep.

Tips from Demi, our e-commerce assistant

“I listen to my body's needs, such as remembering to stay hydrated. »

Drinking 1.5L to 2L a day is important to keep in shape. To be even more precise, it would be necessary to drink 30ml of water per kilogram of body weight. You can vary the ways of hydrating yourself such as alternating waters, flavoring them, eating fruits and vegetables that are full of water, salty broths, or even mixing our Hygée powders in water or tea.

Démi uses La Détox , her favorite powder in lukewarm water for its benefits and at the same time, remember to hydrate.

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Tips from Margot, our marketing assistant

“I do my skincare on Sunday evenings and plan to get the following week off to a good start. »

The negative effects of stress are illustrated first and foremost on the skin. Do not forget to:
- Hydrate the skin with beauty products such as retinoids, derivatives of vitamin A (they stimulate cell renewal).
- Massage the face before sleeping to relax the muscles and stimulate blood circulation.
- And to get the week off to a good start, put on sunscreen to prevent the acceleration of skin aging.

Tips from Jeremy, our communication assistant

“Music is essential to calm me down or motivate me. »

Listening or playing music promotes the production of hormones associated to well-being and pleasure. Dopamine is released in response to music. This neurotransmitter also keeps you focused and motivated.

“Be well from the inside with a protective diet. »

To eat balance while having fun and respecting the 3 V rule:
The first V for eating more plant-based. Plant-based foods are known to be richer in vitamins and nutrients.
The second V for varied eating. Try to eat in color, to discover new products. Combine several food groups in order to provide all the necessary nutrients to the body.
And the third V like eat true. Try to reduce ultra-processed products. They are of poorer nutritional quality and may contain additives that cause disorders such as inflammation, digestive disorders etc.

Tips from Ehsane, our founder

“I free my mind by tidying up at home. »

A place of cocooning and security, the house is the refuge par excellence! To feel good, tidying up is a form of therapy that calms the mind: an anti-stress formula in its own right! Organizing, cleaning, throwing away or even tidying up the house is good for the mind. This helps bring harmony to your home.

Japanese Marie Kondo's method inspired Ehsane to declutter her universe and live in a minimalist environment. #lessismore

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