Meeting with Camille Gersdorff, multi-entrepreneur and globetrotter, at the head of Les Tilleuls Étretat

Hello Camille, can you introduce yourself in a few words and tell us about your background?

From an early age, I have been driven by a desire for freedom and discovery that has guided me in my life journey. I was born in Belgium, educated in Switzerland and worked in the best hotels in Shanghai, New York and London. In 2017, I settled down in France. I created a digital start-up and wrote city guide books. In the summer of 2019, I opened my hotel Les Tilleuls in Étretat, which combines hospitality, wellness stays and artistic events. Today, I am a wellness, hotel and image consultant with several projects for this year.

Can you tell us about your hotel Les Tilleuls Étretat and the holistic approach you wanted to instill there?

Les Tilleuls is for me the well-kept secret of Étretat in a nest of greenery 300 meters from the cliffs. I had a deep desire to reinvent the places so that they offer stays out of time and above all in tune with the times. This now includes 20 retreats per year within the establishment, which is equivalent to almost one per week outside of July, August and January.

We touch on all practices in order to promote the holistic approach as a whole and according to each need and moment in the life of our clients. This goes through practices, exchanges, food and access to nature to come and recharge the mind, body and soul.

What are your upcoming projects?

A first launch of a new project with two other partners called Meta, a new formula for sport and well-being experience with first retreats from May 2022 in Ibiza and the ambition to develop abroad. 'foreigner.

A Hospitality Business Academy: an online coaching project to have all the secrets on the six steps to a successful hotel project and additional modules on the development of pensions within this sector of activity. This is a program that will soon see the light of day.

The opening of a next place dedicated to reconnection in the south of France, which will be called the domain of Pauseto and is located between Aix en Provence and the Gorges du Verdon. You can follow the work on our page because it will still be very long :)

How do you manage your busy schedule on a daily basis, between your different activities?

I am extremely organized by nature.

I have lists of everything on my phone and Pinterest boards for all my interests which allow me to access countless information very quickly. This has always come naturally to me and surely one of my great strengths today.

I have teams that surround me on a daily basis and I like to structure the puzzles but I have no fear of delegating work and I even love it because it is not my area of ​​​​genius to dwell on a long task.

I do a lot of work on myself in personal development which allows me to see more and more clearly and to be accompanied as an entrepreneur to progress correctly in my projects.

I have a locomotive engine inside me. I have always tried not to waste my time because it represents for me what is most sacred to me in life and which I privilege as much as possible for my close entourage. So I always made sure to enter a bubble of maximum concentration to do my job as best and as quickly as possible.

Finally, I use La Concentration as a cure every morning!


I make myself what my friends call my “magic potion”: lukewarm water, 1/2 squeezed lemon, 1 c. Concentration, a sachet of magnesium, 2 drops of propolis, 2 drops of vitamin D. I add 1 capsule of vitamin C & Zinc and I'm off for my days.

What feeds your inspiration for your different projects?

Absolutely everything. Life as a whole.

I like to live my life in all its intensity.

I have deep gratitude every day.

Meetings, exchanges, nature, travels, animals, stories, cultures, architecture, food, it can be hidden in the smallest details of my days, feelings, emotions.

What are your daily rituals to feel good? What place does self-care and well-being hold in your life?

A point of honor because I think it is essential to be good with yourself to be good with others. It all starts within yourself and it is beautiful and necessary for all of us to become aware of it.

My routine: meditation, yoga, card drawing, new moon journaling, full moon ceremony, reading, sharing with a daily entourage of caring people in my life.


Find Camille on Instagram and at Les Tilleuls Étretat

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