spring detox

As nature emerges from hibernation, the body and mind also begin a rebirth. To support the transformations precipitated by spring, it is necessary to adapt your eating and beauty habits to allow our body to keep up.

In addition, winter is conducive to overloading: less fruit and vegetables and a richer diet, less outdoor activity and less sport, less light and heat. It is therefore necessary to eliminate the toxins accumulated by the body.

I adapt my diet

Staying hydrated is even more important at this time of year. Infused waters, teas and herbal teas, to reach 1.5L/2L per day.

As with each new season, we try to adapt our diet by stocking up on new fruits and vegetables and by starting to lighten our meals with salads. You can also bet on broths, especially for dinner.

Juices are also valuable allies to relieve the liver. Our favourites? The Detox Cocktail or the Green Smoothie from Lucile Champy and the Beetroot Smoothie from Maisie Café.

This is the best time of year to use ultra detoxifying birch sap or aloe vera. You can also add fresh pollen to your routine, a superfood with many benefits.

And because food is not always sufficient, we rely on food supplements. Unlike very draining products which can require extra work from the liver, which is already tired at the end of winter, we have formulated La Détox with a synergy of gentle plants:

- Schisandra supports the liver while fighting against stress and fatigue

- Desmodium helps digestion and promotes the elimination of toxins

- Milk Thistle participates in the regeneration of the liver Adaptogenic Powder Detox

I take care of my skin 

With the arrival of sunny days, the skin needs to adapt to the season of renewal. The flowers are budding, the skin too...

It's time to incorporate facial yoga and lymphatic drainage into your facial routine to facilitate the elimination of toxins. Gua Sha and other facial massage tools are great for this.

To promote cell renewal and get rid of dead cells, you can exfoliate your skin (prefer chemical / enzymatic scrubs rather than grain scrubs which tend to be too harsh on the skin).

Finally, we do not skip the hydration box! Especially for oily skin that often produces excess sebum in response to a lack of hydration. On the dietary supplement side, a La Beauté cure ensures radiant and healthy skin thanks to Amla and Goji Berries, which have antioxidant and sebum-regulating properties.

Beauty food supplement

I take care of my body

In traditional Chinese medicine, each season is linked to an organ. In the spring, it is the liver, the body's detoxification organ par excellence. Clogged by a season when the diet is richer and heavier, with the arrival of fine weather it is necessary to help it free itself from stagnation.

You can try yin yoga, a yoga practice based on traditional Chinese medicine and the meridians of the body. One can do targeted exercises on the liver to help it detoxify.

Finally, we recommend dry brushing every morning, which is particularly effective for deep draining, fighting against water retention and cellulite. To help the lymph to circulate, the movements must always be done upwards in the direction of evacuation towards the lymph nodes, the main ones of which are located in the groin, the armpits and at the level of the neck.

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