Our advice and good intentions for a top start

by Josephine Gorron

With the start of the school year, many of us want to adopt new and good habits. The holidays allow us to think about what we really want , so the month of September is a time of renewal. In order not to set the bar too high and get back on the right foot, here are my 10 intentions feel good: 

1. Exercise for fun

Find a sport/practice that makes you feel good, that boosts your morale, that amuses you. It should not be a constraint, an obligation. Have fun! Cycling, running, swimming, hiking, yoga, etc. Test for yourself and adopt the activity that makes you vibrate.

2. Eat whatever pleases you

Achieving balance on the plate is a very important concept. I am not talking about nutritional balance but about an overall balance by satisfying desires and needs, with “pleasure” foods and “healthy” foods . Do not ban any food category. 

3. Listen to your body

Hunger, satiety, desire to eat, fullness, etc. all of these sensations can be difficult to detect. Ideally, don't worry about schedules and eat (or not) according to your feelings. Slow down, taste, enjoy and question yourself throughout the meal "is this bite as good as the first?" » . Trust your body, it's your best ally ! 

4. Observe your emotions 

Do you eat your emotions? Rest assured , you are not alone . In more complicated times, be indulgent with yourself. Observing your emotions will allow you to become aware of them. They will therefore be more concrete and you will no longer suffer them. 

5. Cook as much as possible

Take out all your utensils and start cooking, "homemade" has so many advantages: taste, economy, creativity, health, etc. Make your favorite recipes and share them with your loved ones. What are you waiting for to get started? 

6. Be patient

When we have a goal in mind, it's hard to be patient. I meet a lot of people who want to lose weight very quickly. This is not the solution. We tend to set the bar too high and give up. Take the time to adopt new habits, don't be too demanding . 

7. Vegetate your plates

Gradually replace certain foods of animal origin with plants. Again, no need to be extreme, go at your own pace. Adopt a more plant-based diet, you will quickly see the benefits: energy gain, clearer skin, regulated transit, better relationship with the body, etc. Let's take the example of ancestral medicines! 

8. Breathe

Do you know about conscious breathing? Their powers are awesome! 3 deep breaths can be enough to calm you down, energize you, refocus you, clarify your ideas. Close your eyes then put one hand on your chest, the other on your belly and feel the passage of air, the movement of your breath. Zen is not far away!

9. Laugh

Did you know: laughing 10 to 15 minutes a day would be excellent for your health. Indeed, laughter influences mood and the repercussions on mental health are significant. Less stress, natural antidepressant, more energy and joy. What more could you ask for? 

10. Enable Happiness Mode Therapy

Experience small daily pleasures. Try to be as much as possible in the present moment and not in the past or the future. Observe the life around you, there are so many beautiful things. Love and enjoy every moment. And to end on a nice note: “It's time to start living the life you've been dreaming of. » Henry James


Dietitian - Nutritionist in a private practice, Joséphine is also passionate about yoga and meditation. Convinced that taking care of yourself through diet and physical effort are the keys to good health and general fulfillment, Joséphine offers her patients comprehensive support based on mindfulness and respect for the body.

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