Meeting with Imane Sqalli, founder of Cave & Coconut

Hello Imane, who are you and what is your background?

I'm Imane, founder of Cave & Coconut, a Parisian wellness brand that offers all the tools to live a healthy and serene life through deliveries of organic, nutritionally dense paleo vegan meals, squeezed juices cold vegetables and finally irresistible beauty brain gut friendly snacks.

Can you tell us about your Cave & Coconut project and the paleo diet?

Cave & Coconut is first of all the deep conviction that food can be good for people, the planet and above all, irresistibly delicious.

I don't like diets or boxes, I prefer to talk to you about a brain gut friendly beauty lifestyle that showcases the super foods that our cells love.

How did you get interested in a different diet?

20 years ago I fell ill after my mom died of cancer and regained my health through the power of food as medicine.

What is your vision of food and well-being?

I think nature is abundance, there is nothing to add in terms of food, just sublimate. Well-being goes through the food we eat but also the food we look at, read, listen to and the people around us.

What are your little daily rituals, to feel good in your body and mind?

The morning ritual is essential, I always start with 500ml of celery juice after a cold shower.

What is your impression of Hygée products?

I really like La Détox , with Milk Thistle and Desmodium to detoxify the liver. It goes very well in my daily mint tea :)

Detox in my tea


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