Interview with Marine Serpette, naturopath in Brittany

Hello Marine, can you introduce yourself and tell us about your background in a few words?

My name is Marine Serpette, I am a naturopath in Brittany and a mother of 2 children. My journeys, personal and professional, have led me to reconnect with the basics of life, with the pillars of our foundations. 

I accompany women and men to bring them more balance and serenity, so that everyone can better understand their body and bring it more harmony, to find more meaning and become an actor of their health. I also lead workshops around well-being in companies and in various eco-places . 

But also, I am a facilitator of women's circles in Brittany, a time of (re)connection to oneself and to the cycles of the sacred feminine (menstrual, lunar, seasonal...). 

As you can see I have several strings to my bow! 

What is the link between naturopathy and stress?

This is one of the main reasons for consultation! 

In naturopathy we come to work in a holistic way, that is to say taking into consideration the whole person in his being, with his heredity, his hygiene and his way of life. Stress is good (yes, if I assure you) when it is motivating and not when it worries you! 

I work on the causes of this stress and come to bring solutions to soften and especially to make understand the cascade of inconveniences which comes on top of this stress (sleep and transit disorders for example). 

Naturopathy has its place in the management of stress and emotions, I come to work on the nervous system & mineral balance because stress will release toxins in the body and weaken mineral reserves. 

In your opinion, what are the basic rules to follow for a healthy lifestyle without stress?

First of all a good sleep! Go to bed about 2 hours after dinner, avoiding screens and sources of stress (watching the news or your bank account for example!) 

Then a good living diet (lots of plants and few processed products) will provide the necessary vitamins & minerals. Not to mention hydration! Drinking enough is essential for the elimination of waste from our body and avoiding stimulants such as coffee and tea after 4 p.m. 

Moments to agree to oneself, well-being breaks (reading, meditation, conscious breathing, etc.) will allow you to place yourself in priority during these moments and allow you to relax the nervous system. 

Sometimes food is not enough and in support I work partly with herbal medicine, the use of plants which have a real interest in supporting good morale and finding more serenity. 

You recommend adaptogenic herbs. Which adaptogenic plants do you recommend the most and why?

Ashwagandha and Rhodiola are 2 plants that I really appreciate because they are adaptogens! That is to say that they will come to regulate the body's metabolism, and are therefore perfect for fighting against stress. 

Ashwagandha contains flavonoids, which are very powerful natural antioxidants. It is a real natural anxiolytic that will reduce stress, anxiety and improve sleep. It can be recommended during stress and anxiety to calm the nervous system and find more peace for sleep. 

Rhodiola, on the other hand, is a balancing plant. It will fortify and tone up cognitive functions to improve resistance to stress and combat fatigue. It can be recommended for stressful situations and for concentration disorders. 

You have tested La Sérénité . What did you think of it and how do you like to consume it?

When I first tested it I felt a little tense about my day. I mixed a teaspoon of it in an herbal tea and felt the effects almost within an hour! True relaxation for body and soul. 

Sometimes I also take it just in a glass of water, it's less fun but just as effective! 

Its taste is really pleasant and goes perfectly with infusions. 

Why do you recommend La Sérénité and what feedback have you had from your patients?

I recommend it during tumultuous times, in case of stress, fatigue or difficult emotional passages. The Serenity will act as a brake on this famous little bike that pedals in the head. The advantage of adaptogenic plants is that they have no major contraindications. 

My consultants who were able to try it really appreciated its powder form and its taste. At first the dark aspect slowed down a bit but once mixed in an infusion or tea for the morning, they loved it! Some felt the effects immediately and for others a cure over 3 weeks was necessary. 

What is your favorite health quote?

“Taking care of your body is making your soul want to stay there” 


Find Marine on Instagram: @ms.naturo - and her website:

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