Jeanne Casimir and her approach to facial massage

Could you introduce yourself in a few words and tell us about your background?

I am 36 years old, two young children and I reinvented my professional life 18 months ago to put my hands and my sensitivity at the service of the well-being of my clients.

Before that, I worked for the past twelve years in the cosmetics industry , growing brands and developing their retail networks. I realized there that a care routine adapted to the type of skin, associated with precise and regular facial massages showed spectacular results.

What is the particularity of your practice (massage, face...)?

I explore the face both through the massage approach that I have developed and through the reflection that I lead with my guests "The Face: Traces and History of Life", a series of filmed interviews that ve many questions, while celebrating the face and the life that reads there.

My facial massage is a " reboot " of the skin and the mind, which helps to sculpt the features, improve the complexion and contribute to emotional well-being. My method is based on the technicality of my gestures, the personalization of the approach according to expectations and stimulation of the senses. I put all my energy into taking care of my clients, which allows me to offer an hour that changes the course of their week, and maybe even their life!

Could you share your wellness tips and beauty routine with us?

I feel good about myself when I get enough sleep and when I'm moving. My days start early! If I regularly go to bed after midnight, everything gets complicated! I exercise once a week, I cycle to work if it's not raining, I'm on my feet all day when I'm in massage and otherwise I walk a lot.

My beauty routine is quite simple, but I've always cleaned my face at night (and whatever time I went to bed!) and I've always moisturized my skin abundantly. At the moment I use a cleansing milk or oil (I like to alternate) which I massage for 3 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water. And I moisturize with an oil that I massage or a cream if I don't massage.
In the morning, I use a toner after the shower and moisturize with a cream. I put mascara and moisturizing balm on my lips.

Before discovering Hygée, did you know about adaptogenic plants?

Absolutely not. I saw this concept on Instagram but I hadn't really grasped the power of these plants. I didn't really take any supplements either before I met you. You open up new horizons for me!

Self-massage workshop, stress and adaptogenic plants, how does that make sense to you?

I apprehend self-massage as a privileged moment with oneself. I like the idea that a few precise and intelligent gestures immediately provide a feeling of relaxation and act on many factors (sleep, skin, stress, etc.) if they are done regularly.

Combining targeted gestures with quality adaptogenic plants promotes a virtuous circle, one increases the action of the other tenfold and vice versa.

You tested La Peau and La Sérénité . What did you think of them and how did you consume them?

I am testing La Peau (2 capsules in the morning) and La Sérénité (1 scoop per day). I am amazed by the use of La Sérénité powder. I was quite skeptical at first, I didn't know how to take this powder, I looked at these little jars in my kitchen for a few days and one evening, I took the plunge. I added a teaspoon of La Sérénité powder to my infusion, I mixed while watching what was happening in my cup. Since then, I take La Sérénité in an infusion or even directly in hot water once a day and my husband has taken to it just as directly!

I love this new ritual! I have a particularly good new drink and I know that I will now be able to open up to other recipes. And the feeling of bringing a "good" shot to my body is particularly pleasant.

For the rest, see you in 3 months!

What are your upcoming projects?

I am based at 38 rue des Blancs Manteaux, Paris 4th until the end of February and I intend to enjoy every moment in this completely magical place. I have a big schedule of workshops, meetings, parties, I even organize training for beauty professionals. Above all, I will continue to receive my clients there for facial massage sessions. 

I have a lot of ongoing projects, desires and energy. This great freedom (sometimes disconcerting) that entrepreneurship offers me allows me to explore multiple universes.

We'll see where life takes me in 2023!


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