Honey and its sweet secrets...

Like adaptogenic herbs, honey has been used for its therapeutic and nutritional benefits for a very long time. Natural product par excellence against viruses, bacteria and other pathogens, bbzzz, we go back in time to learn more about this golden liquid!

What is honey?

Bees make this sweet substance from flower nectar. The smell, color and taste of honey vary depending on the type of flowers from which it is made, there are countless varieties available (monofloral honeys, mountain honeys, etc.). The taste and color of honey are influenced by its composition. In general, honey is composed of 20% water, 75% to 80% sugars and the rest mineral salts.

Despite being high in carbohydrates, honey does not raise sugar levels as much as glucose or sucrose. In healthy people as in diabetics, the blood sugar level with honey rises less than with glucose and sucrose (molecules of "normal" sugar). Honey contains many interesting ingredients: group B vitamins, vitamin C, trace elements but also organic acids including formic acid (beneficial effect on painful joints), antibiotic substances, enzymes and flavonoids (antioxidants)!

Hédène is a mark of excellence and refinement of 100% French honey. Maison Hédène offers a wide range of single-floral honeys from French regions. The honeys are noble and delicious thanks to a unique traditional know-how. This brand offers honeys of all types and lose none of their benefits thanks to cold extraction and the establishment of apiaries within plots of wild flowers. Discover their products on hedene.fr !

Surely we all know grandmother's tricks with honey, but scientific studies have been able to confirm certain actions of the bee product:

Honey treats sinusitis
Honey contains an antimicrobial that inhibits the bacteria responsible for several infections including sinusitis. We can say that it is a kind of natural antibiotic. Manuka honey (Australian honey) has a very powerful antibacterial power, this could potentially be due to methylglyoxal, a substance in this honey.

No to gastrointestinal disorders
If you suffer from heartburn due to acidity, honey reduces this acidity by half. Honey also contains oligosaccharides. They have prebiotic effects that improve the intestinal microbiota and reduce these gastric disorders.

Honey heals wounds
Instead of being consumed, honey is effective in healing skin wounds and burns. Applying honey to partial burns can speed up the wound healing process and reduce inflammation.

Important note: be careful with the honeys applied to these open wounds which can be an entry point for bacteria. The honey in the cupboard will be kept for personal dietary pleasure and there are medical honeys on the market to heal wounds. You can ask your pharmacist!

Say goodbye to cavities!
Surprising for a sweet product but honey contains an enzyme (glucose oxidase) which prevents the formation of bacteria on the teeth. It is also very effective in treating gingivitis (localized inflammation of the gums). A good solution for children who love sugar.

Honey would protect against certain cancers
Few studies are still done to prove its protective effect. However, the quantity of flavonoids present in honey would have a protective role in certain cancers.

Honey prevents cardiovascular disease
Another incredible substance in honey: nitric oxide. The latter helps to dilate blood vessels and therefore this anti-inflammatory molecule regulates damage to the cardiovascular system.

Very important !
This beneficial liquid is more than not recommended for children under one year old! Why ? Honey may contain bacteria responsible for botulism (paralytic disease). The digestive tract of children under one year of age is not always effective against infection from this bacterium. We will therefore begin to have it tasted after a year.

Honey in our food supplements
You can find honey in our Le Féminin product, which supports the stages of a woman's life (from the start of menstruation to menopause). Honey is an excellent natural preservative, moreover, it never expires. At Hygée, we always choose natural ingredients. Another synergy between our adaptogenic plants and honey!


Find Hédène honeys on the hedene.fr website and the mielshedene instagram account.

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