What is lithotherapy?

For millennia, man has known the influence of crystals on his well-being. All crystals vibrate. Minerals, like plants, are alive. On contact with us, they give off an electricity called "the Piezoelectric effectphenomenon demonstrated by Pierre Curie in the 19th century. 

What is a stone? 

It is a crystalline structure, a mineral. Its composition is determined by a combination of chemical elements (oxygen, sulphur, cobalt, iron oxide, copper oxide etc.). 

Crystals give off energies that emit subtle vibrations. Each stone has its own unique structure and vibrational signature. Each mineral has its own energies and therefore a different influence on our body. 

The word lithotherapy comes from the Greek word "lithosmeaning stone and fromtherapymeaning cure. 

Even if science does not provide any scientific proof on the positive or negative effects of lithotherapy, the fact remains that many testimonies show that the stones act and influence our psyche, our emotions and our body by emitting energies. beneficial. Their vibrations help us to re-harmonize our inner balance and promote our well-being. 

Each stone has specific properties 

There are as many benefits as there are stones, each has its own properties and meets very specific needs. 

Rose quartz soothes, it is the ally of sensitive skin and skin looking for firmness thanks to its regenerating and firming properties. Rock crystal has revitalizing properties and brings radiance and vitality to the skin. A symbol of purity, white jade balances, purifies and harmonizes skin lacking radiance and uniformity. Finally, black obsidian is the healing stone that helps with healing and the reconstruction of the skin barrier. 

Once used, these stones can be recharged with energy using sage sticks or Pablo Santo sticks. 

Lithotherapy in a beauty routine  

Lithotherapy invites itself into our bathrooms and takes the form of massage tools such as the Gua Sha, the Roller or the Magic Mushrooms . These tools help to drain, lift and smooth the skin in depth, bringing a fresh and decongestant effect to the face. 

Indeed, lithotherapy has many benefits for the skin: improvement of blood microcirculation, exfoliation of the skin, elimination of toxins, reduction ofdark circles, clarificationcomplexion, stimulation of collagen production… 

The Power of Stones by Sentara Holistic 

Sentara Holistic uses the stones to improve health and well-being. Mayia Alleaume , the founder, has always been interested in the powers of plants and minerals on the body. She therefore created Sentara, “Go towards what is good for you” in Basque.

The Gua Sha 

Gua Sha for the face will boost the production of collagen for plumper skin and less visible wrinkles. This "beauty tool" can multiply the properties of a moisturizer or a nourishing oil on the skin by boosting the penetration of active ingredients. Easy to use, it is perfect for starting facial massages. Follow our tutorial here .

Moment of relaxation guaranteed! 

Lithotherapy is a real invitation to meditation, a holistic way to refocus on yourself. To practice before going to bed, when you wake up or when you feel the need. This ritual of contact with the stones will allow you to soothe, absorb positive energy and thus find a physical and psychological balance. 

Exceptionally for Christmas 2021, Hygée is also getting into lithotherapy with the Sentara Holistic Pack. The principle: choose an adaptogenic powder from among: Serenity , Detox , Energy , Immunity , Concentration , Beauty . She will be accompanied by a black obsidian Gua Sha to start a whole new holistic routine.

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