Our favorite Detox practices

The word "detox" is often equated with drastic diets and sacrifices. However, there are small simple gestures to help our body and - SPOILER - they can even be pleasant to put in place!

You were born with everything you need to detoxify. Your body is designed to cleanse itself of toxins through the liver, kidneys, lymph, and skin. But our modern lifestyles like lack of sleep, eating too much processed foods or sugar, stress, and dehydration can compromise your cleansing systems, leading to a buildup of toxins and inflammation throughout the body. Results ? Bloating, weight gain, sleep problems, lack of energy and a dull complexion or even blemishes.

Food as medicine

The quickest and easiest place to start is with your diet. By using food as medicine, you return your body to its natural state. Adding whole, organic plant foods to our diet kick-starts the detox process.

Replace coffee with an infusion

Simply switching from coffee to a caffeine-free herbal tea is effective in two ways. You counter the dehydrating effects of caffeine and replace it with stimulant-free herbs that detoxify your digestive tract, calming your adrenal system which regulates your metabolism, immune system, blood pressure and stress response.

Establish small rituals

In your busy week, take time just for yourself, to stop, breathe, hear your thoughts, and set an intention. It can be a few minutes in the morning before the start of the hectic day, a 15-minute break in the afternoon or a quiet moment in the evening. Small mental breaks are effective refreshment, improving productivity and sparking lasting creativity.

Focus on dietary supplements

As we have said, the body knows how to detoxify naturally, but it sometimes needs a boost, especially after excesses. Schisandra is a hepatoprotective adaptogen, it reduces stress-induced liver damage. You will find it in our supplement The Detox accompanied by Desmodium and Milk Thistle to improve digestion, regain energy and a feeling of lasting lightness.


To move !

Any form of exercise has benefits for the body and mind. Sweating through sport helps release tension in your body and better eliminate toxins.

Recharge your batteries

When you sleep, the brain reorganizes and recharges, eliminating toxic waste that builds up over a busy day. Giving your body more time (at least seven hours) to rest allows it to recharge and protect itself from inflammation and disease.

Stay hydrated

This helps your digestion and detoxifies your body. And healthy hydration should include water-rich plants. You can try snacking on cucumber, romaine lettuce, fresh berries, and melons, all of which are over 90% water.

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