Meeting with Lucile Champy: nutrition and well-being

Hello Lucile, can you tell us a bit about yourself, your background and your conversion as a food consultant?

My interest in nutrition came to me following a few health problems. Like many young girls, I suffered from skin problems when I was a teenager and was immediately put on the pill. After years of Diane35, 2 courses of roaccutane and Androcur, the result was great for my skin, but catastrophic for my microbiota. It was at this time that I inquired to look for more natural alternatives, and that my passion for healthy nutrition came to me.

I went back to school and launched my career as a food consultant in parallel with my job as a fashion buyer, and it's a great adventure that I'm living today thanks to my clients, and my little " educational stories” that I animate on my Instagram account.

What is the first advice you would give to someone who wants to rebalance their diet?

First advice: do not delete but add! At the very beginning of a good resolution, people are often filled with good will and are ready to stop everything at once, but the body is not fooled and they always end up breaking down.

On the contrary, I recommend adding little more healthy ones to gently get used to it: for example, if you make yourself a pasta dish, add a salad of young shoots and sprouted seeds as an accompaniment, if you are addicted to coffee, add adaptogens, La Sérénité d'Hygée will be perfect to help the body counteract the harmful effects of caffeine and not end up in energy debt.

Finding alternatives is also another great idea as it takes the frustration out of everyone. Fancy an ice cream? Make yourself a “nicecream” with coconut milk + frozen banana + 100% peanut butter. Want creamy pasta? Prepare zucchini tagliatelle using a spiral peeler, then mix them with a cream made from avocado, basil, salt and pine nuts.

In 2020, we can really say that all dishes have their healthy alternatives!

What's in your kitchen and cupboards? What are your essentials?

How many lines do I have to talk about it? :) More seriously, I'm a real foodie, so my cooking is a real investment.

In addition to the vegetables that take up a good place on my work plan (with my vitalizer and my vitamix): salty side, lots of legumes, pseudo-seeds and sweet potatoes (I love that!), gluten-free flours and of spices + cold pressed extra virgin oils. In fact, I mainly have raw products because I cook everything.

I have a cupboard full of adaptogens & superfoods (maca, spirulina, L'Immunité + La Beauté d'Hygée , chlorella, wheatgrass juice, green clay, raw cocoa), dietary supplements, Linette and all possible seeds and nuts.

On the fridge side, there are my oils rich in omega 3, MCT oil, vegetable milks, coconut yoghurt and tempeh. And to finish, kombucha and lactofermented birch sap that I love.

And your daily tips for a healthier lifestyle?

Really, meal prep is the secret to a successful healthier life! By giving yourself even an hour on Sunday evening, you can have peace of mind for 3 days. In my case, I bring breakfast and lunch to the office, so I'm sure to have very nutritious and healthy meals at hand. Without counting on the difference on the wallet…

How long have you been using adaptogens and what benefits do you get from them?

I've been an adaptogenic freak for at least six years. At the time, we still talked about it very little in France, but I was very interested in what was happening on the American market, because for once they were (and still are) very ahead of the plan nutrition. I have always been a stressed person and I have a very busy life so for me they are essential in my daily life.

I first discovered Maca , with which I live a real love story because I love its taste, I love it combined with cocoa but also with savory dishes (with chickpeas roasted in the oven c madness), I am a fan of Ashwagandha which I find very effective especially for us women and our little hormonal problems. Finally, I am a fan of adaptogenic mushrooms which are rich on all levels: beautiful skin, antioxidants, immunity, and so on, it's a great help to add little healthy touches to your daily life!

Finally, what is your impression of the Hygée products?

Ehsane, the creator of Hygée , and I have a common background: health concerns led us to this career. Hygée's ambition is therefore sincere and it is a point that is dear to me in the world of nutrition because there is a lot of “healthy washing”. During a call with him, moreover, I had harassed him with questions because I am very demanding about the products that I consume and that I recommend to my customers or on the networks. The formulations are scientific, organic, analyzed in the lab, and the brand policy is transparent. And the powder format is perfect for adding it to smoothie, porridge and chia pudding preparations!


Find Lucile on her Instagram account @lucilecahmpy and her online store on which Hygée is present :)

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