Mat Chia pudding

by Josephine Gorron

Boost your immunityé dès le petit dé fasting? C'is possible!

  • 1 ctoc of Immunity
  • 2 tsptos of chia seeds, rich in proteinéines
  • 200 ml of drink végétale containing calcium
  • 1 to 2 tsptotsp coconut sugar
  • 1 tsptotsp Matcha powder, antioxidant!

Mix all the ingredients in a blender éexcept the chia seeds. Then add them to the mix. Let the preparation estand for 10 minutes, until the seeds swell. Pour everything into a bowl and add a handfuléof granola, fresh fruit and some nuts.


Dietitian - Nutritionist in a private practice, Joséphine is also passionate about yoga and meditation. Convinced that taking care of yourself through diet and physical effort are the keys to good health and general fulfillment, Joséphine offers her patients comprehensive support based on mindfulness and respect for the body.

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