Meeting with Mayia Alleaume, make-up artist and founder of Sentara Holistic

Hello Mayia, can you introduce yourself and tell us about your background?

I am Mayia Alleaume, studio and celebrity make-up artist for over 20 years. I collaborate on many editorials, advertising campaigns and Red Carpets for prestigious luxury and fashion brands (Dior, Chanel, Thierry Mugler, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle...).

I am also the creator of the eco-responsible brand Sentara Holistic.

I grew up in the Basque Country, between the sea and the mountains, and since my childhood I have practiced holistic and well-being methods on a daily basis that I like to share today.

Thanks to my job, I had the chance to travel all over the world and meet other cultures. This allowed me to develop techniques rich in meaning and experience, always benevolent and above all in exchange.

I am also an expert in Lithotherapy and Sound Therapy.

It was in the United States that I amply developed my passion for lithotherapy and the art of "sound healing" with the "crystal bowl". I trained there for several years with masters and academies. of renown.

I combine daily my passion for beauty and for my holistic way of life, one feeding on the other.

You founded the Sentara Holistic brand, how did this project come about?

In the beginning Sentara was born from the desire as a recognized make-up artist to soothe the skin and faces attacked by conventional cosmetics and make-up.

I then created in 2005 supported by my family and my sister Kattina, Sentara Skincare a line of 5 essential skin care products.

We then for 2 years formulated ultra clean, effective and comforting products for the epidermis.

Through my profession as a beauty expert and make-up artist, I have understood that our lifestyle, our diet and what we apply to our skin have a significant impact on our health.

Moreover, knowing the benefits of natural stones, I started looking for natural and holistic beauty products and over time, nourished by my work in energy (lithotherapy and sound therapy) for 10 years, Sentara has quite naturally evolved towards a resolutely more Holistic approach.

I take care of people, offering them products that are completely natural, respectful of the environment and that take care of inner beauty in order to radiate outer beauty.

I offer self-massage, purification and meditation rituals to bring harmony and inner peace.

You are passionate about lithotherapy and an expert in energetic beauty, can you explain to us what it is about?

The concept of Energetic beauty that I have developed is for all those who are looking for a beauty that is rich in meaning, personalized, in tune with their energy.

I offer a range of products and services loaded with good vibes for body and mind.

Energetic beauty is balancing our energy to reveal our deep beauty and gain luminosity.

Every day, thanks to quasi-sacred rituals that energize and harmonize our emotional balance, we learn to align ourselves and reconnect with our senses and the elements.

A touch of spirituality allows you to project yourself beyond the visible to capture a universal vibration and connect with the elements that surround you. For Sentara, beauty has always been, and more than ever, a question of energy.

Lithotherapy is a way to connect to these subtle energies that surround us. For millennia, man has known the influence of crystals on his well-being. All crystals vibrate. Each mineral has its own energies and therefore a different influence on our body. Their vibrations help us to re-harmonize our inner balance.

You see, like us, the growing interest in more “alternative” medicine, how do you explain it?

The interest in holistic medicines has always existed but it was not as well known and publicized as today on social networks. We did not have the urgent need to call on it until this global awareness that we are going through today unless we have a serious health concern.

Our health system, until then, had not left us the choice of alternatives to traditional medicine and had comforted us in taking charge and advantageous social coverage.

Unlike Americans who are constantly looking for alternative methods because their health insurance and provident system are unaffordable.

They have therefore sought to develop everything that can strengthen their immune defense (supplements, sport, yoga, meditation etc. ...).

When you walk into a supermarket in the United States you will find more dietary supplements than cosmetics or food.

For the most part, they know that if they fall ill they cannot be cured. They are therefore looking for holistic methods.

Today we have easier access to information without having to search too much and the effect of the first confinement and the spread of the virus has led us to a global awareness. We all then seek the best solutions to do us good and above all get to the point.

What are your daily wellness rituals?

To achieve this harmony, I practice self-massage every morning. It is important to reconnect with yourself and take a few minutes to do yourself good.

I practice self-massage with the fingers or using Gua Sha. They come from an ancestral technique derived from Chinese medicine which combines acupressure and lithotherapy, it is a tribo-effleurage technique which consists of scratching the skin to produce light friction in order to promote blood circulation and the circulation of energies.

The energy of the stones, combined with the massage, works wonders. Massaging the face regularly brings radiance and skin regeneration.

The daily use of lithotherapy is part of my rituals, I practice every morning with a crystal that I have chosen to accompany my day. For the choice of the stone it is enough to trust your instinct and to choose with intuition. You will always go to the energy you need in the present moment.

In the evening, I practice purification rituals with sacred incense, such as palo santo and sage. Native Americans practice energy cleansing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. One can purify objects, places and oneself.

Light a candle and set an intention for renewal. Place the sage stick or palo santo in the flame so that it can be consumed. When it burns enough blow out the flame.

Wrap yourself in smoke, it will immediately place you in a state of harmony. Purify your places if necessary and repeat the operation until you feel in agreement with you and your space. Feel the new energies circulating within you.

How did you discover adaptogens?

I discovered them in my childhood, I was treated by Dr. Kousmine, a pioneer in food medicine, and she prescribed me adaptogens and superfoods that have become part of my daily habits. I use in particular Echinacea, an adaptogenic plant which strengthens the body and boosts the immune defences, Ginseng with many properties, relaxing, immuno-stimulating, revitalizing as well as Turmeric root detoxifying, immuno-stimulating, digestive, anti-depressant , anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

It was much later, 15 years ago, in the United States that I discovered more fully adaptogens such as Ashwagandha , Reishi and Maca which were not very common in Europe, I am quickly become a fan!

What is your opinion on the Hygée formulas and how do you like to consume them?

These are very complete formulas that meet the needs of our active life and the problems of daily stress, which affect us all to greater or lesser degrees, thanks to the Energy , Serenity , Immunity or Detox complex, my favorites.

They are easy to consume and then it's beautiful, good and vegan!

I like to consume them in my Latte in the morning, I mix them either with my Chai or with my Matcha . I dilute the powder with a little hot water and I whip with my bamboo whisk.

I pour, as a final touch, my vegetable milk and I have a delicious drink to start the day off right.


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