Why is tea good for health?

Where does tea come from, this drink with many health benefits? 

The Camellia Sinensis or more commonly, the tea tree, is a small shrub at the origin of all the teas in the world . According to legend, 3,000 BC, Emperor Shen Nung heated water for hydration near a tea tree, leaves from the tree fell and ended up in his cup. Pleasantly surprised by the taste of water, this discovery made the emperor want to introduce tea to his people. 

One of the first written traces evoking tea was found in a pharmacological book. Tea has therefore always been used for its medicinal properties. 

White, black, green or even blue (oolong tea), all teas are rich in flavonoids, super powerful antioxidants! Tea is a drink with multiple health benefits. 

Tea is good for the heart 🤎

Tea leaves lower hypertension by contributing to the flexibility of the arteries and the fluidity of the blood. The tension is balanced, which makes it possible to prevent certain cardiovascular diseases. 

Tea helps with weight loss

The compounds in tea activate thermogenesis, a process that helps maintain body temperature and leads to the burning of certain reserve fats. The presence of caffeine (in addition to theine) in tea also slightly increases thermogenesis and fat destocking. The caffeine and flavonoid synergy is very effective in promoting energy expenditure and, to a lesser extent, burning calories. Of course, tea is not a miracle product for losing weight, it goes hand in hand with a suitable and balanced diet. 

Tea: an ally against stress

Consuming tea regularly helps to recover more easily and quickly from a period of stress: its effect is relaxing. The amino acid called L-Theanine in tea helps reduce stress and anxiety by lowering cortisol, the stress hormone, and increasing the activity of a calming neurotransmitter called GABA, a neurotransmitter that regulates blood pressure. brain activity. 

Our collaboration with Kodama

Since 2015, Kodama has been creating teas to tell stories. Each of their creations is a surprising experience, where taste is as important as the emotion it arouses. Like alchemists in search of nuggets and thrills, the Kodama team seeks to reveal the treasures it contains in each leaf, flower or spice. 

Artisans, Kodama conditions each of its 100% natural recipes by hand, in its Parisian workshop. Flavors collide and perfumes harmonize: behind each creation lies the conviction that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. 

Just like tea, adaptogenic plants contain a multitude of benefits, which is why we have developed beneficial routines , combining a Kodama infusion and a Hygea food supplement. The ideal combo to delight your taste buds while taking care of yourself! 

The Renewal Pack : 

“Rehab” green tea is light and invigorating, made with ginger, lemongrass and lemon peel 

Detox purifies the body, improves digestion and detoxifies the liver 

The Dream Pack : 

La Vie à Pleines Dents is gourmet and spicy, composed of rooibos, apple, fennel, cinnamon and cardamom 

Serenity improves stress resistance and sleep quality 


Tea, good for your gut microbiota

The antioxidants in tea are beneficial for the intestinal flora by acting as prebiotics, fibers very appreciated by the intestine which nourish the good bacteria. Tea has an immune action and as seen above, a slimming action. 

How to properly prepare tea?

Choose your water wisely! Water plays an important role in the preparation of tea. Each water has a different taste and characteristics: 

- to avoid "killing" the tea, avoid water that is too chlorinated 

- water with a low mineral content is preferable to rediscover the pure and frank taste of tea 

The right temperature? 

- do not boil the water. Black teas cannot withstand temperatures above 95°C (just when the water begins to simmer) 

- green teas are even more fragile, the water should not exceed 80°C to have all the benefits 

- for white teas, the water temperature must be between 60°C and 80°C 

The duration of the infusion 

- black tea: 5 to 10 minutes 

- green tea: 5 minutes (to avoid bitterness) 

- white tea: you can let it steep for at least 15 minutes 

Good tasting 😋 

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