Our favorite places, back-to-school special

Back to school is an opportunity to renew yourself, to discover new passions, new places. We have therefore selected for you the best addresses for a stress-free return to school (pssst these are also our favorite places).

The place to dance : Dancefloor Paris

If you need to exert yourself for your well-being, go to Dancefloor Paris. This dance studio offers classes combining well-being and pleasure, "feel good" masterclasses and training with professional dancers.

There is something for all tastes and levels with more than 35 different classes (hip hop, heels dance, barsculpt, salsa, afro oriental, modern jazz, etc.). All this in an exceptional Parisian studio. After the effort you can sip your favorite drink in their coffee shop or relax in their sauna.

Dance floor Paris

Dance floor Paris
112 Rue du Chemin Vert, 75011 Paris

The yoga spot: Kind Yoga

What if for this new school year, you finally take up yoga? One of our favorite places is without hesitation Kind Yoga. 

Why ? Kind Yoga offers classes in the studio or online every day (even on Sundays) with passionate and exceptional teachers. There are several types of classes and different intensities, there is something for everyone. We love the Vinyasa class which works on the basics and alignments of the body. All in an ultra bright and soothing setting. You will also find a café area where you can even have brunch. Not to mention the shopping area for trendy and comfortable outfits from the Kind brand .

Kind Yoga

Kind Yoga
41 rue Beauregard, 75002 Paris

The well-being flagship of Galeries Lafayette 

Wellness Galerie is THE 3,000 square meter wellness gallery dedicated to the happiness of a new generation. Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann presents a living space offering a holistic and unique approach to well-being to balance mind and body.

Far from the hustle and bustle of the city of Paris and nestled in the heart of the underground shops of La Coupole, this place is inspired by the rounded and enveloping design of the 70s. The Wellness Galerie brings together the best experts in the fields of well-being, beauty, care, energy and sport in one place to offer a unique experience. 

Wellness Galleries

Wellness Gallery
40 Bd Haussmann, 75009 Paris (Galeries Lafayette Haussman, level –1)

Facialism made in Cannes: My Facialist

If you are in the south, this unique place designed by facialist Céline Nanot offers a multitude of skin care treatments with a holistic vision. Expertise and techniques, both ancestral and innovative, to restore balance and vital energy to your face. Work out of the face, jet peel, skinbar, your skin will thank you. Ma Facialiste offers a whole face and body care menu according to your desires. A real place of beauty for the skin located in the city of cinema, Cannes. 

My Facialist

My Facialist
8 rue Lecerf, 06400 Cannes

Experts in Corneotherapy: Ava Spa

Ava Spa specializes in technical and tailor - made facial treatments , as well as personalized body treatments . Laura Combet, director of the center and her team of professionals are trained and specialists in Corneotherapy. This therapy consists of repairing, treating and maintaining the outermost layer of the epidermis, the stratum corneum, while preserving the balance of the skin flora to regain healthy skin.

These treatments take place in an intimate and discreet space . Everything is designed for the well-being and relaxation of the client. Ava Spa works with exclusive brands where the quality and performance of their treatments ( and devices) give impressive results .

Small bonus: Ava Spa and Hygée are neighbors and rooted in the same region, the Drôme (where our products are made)!

Ava Spa

Ava Spa
3 rue Marius Lattier,
26300 Chatuzange Le Goubet

The beneficial infrared sauna: Belleyme

If, like us, you have a holistic vision of beauty and well-being, it's time to mark this place in your new agenda. 

Belleyme is a warm place that offers infrared sauna sessions in private cabins, ideal for relaxing alone or in pairs . The infrared sauna is very interesting for relaxing and releasing toxins. It will be beneficial for beautiful skin and strengthens the immune system.

We had the chance to test their sauna, discover our feedback on the session .

For overall well-being, you can also eat and drink healthy recipes (pastries, cold and hot drinks). This coffee shop highlights a product from their shop every week in a limited edition recipe . You can also find our adaptogenic herbal products for sale in their shop . Maybe you will test our products soon? 


8 rue Charles-Francois Dupuis, 75003 Paris

We hope to have made you discover new addresses, and above all have a good start to the new school year to all!

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