Meeting with Claire Andreewitch, naturopath specialized in skin health

Could you introduce yourself in a few words and tell what you do?

My name is Claire Andreewitch, I am a naturopath specialized in skin health. I am a bit of a multi-hat, I do naturopathic consultations and consulting with nutrition and beauty brands. I do a lot of one-to-one skin protocols for my clients as well as workshops for brands. I have created wellness stays in France and elsewhere, holistic practices that I constantly transmit, whether it is stress management via yoga, breathing or meditation or via nutrition, cooking workshops , or via natural beauty workshops (self-massage, all the tools, etc.).

I am also an author, I wrote the book “Révéler votre glow” which was published by Marabout.

You are a naturopath, why did you turn to the subject of the skin?

Many reasons ! It came about quite organically because I've been interested in skin since a very young age. I experimented a lot with natural ingredients, I created my own masks, etc. And then my clients very often asked me, moreover even before I became a naturopath, how I had this beautiful skin and how I took care of it. I've always looked for ways to beautify my skin naturally and had a lot of questions about mine. So I got more and more immersed in the field of the skin and I noticed that it is a subject that interests women in a very emotional way and I find it fascinating!

What are the right steps to have healthy skin?

So it's a very big subject that you can find in my book! Regarding the basics, it's a question of "inside out". It starts with lowering inflammation, balancing hormones, and really nourishing the cells from within. It is necessary to have a very healthy, clean and anti-inflammatory food with a minimum of so-called pro-inflammatory foods. We eat mainly vegetables. It is certain that fruits and vegetables are the basis of our diet, the rest is incidental. I'm absolutely not vegan, I'm not saying that we should ban meat but it's really a balance to find and above all eat a lot of variety! Obviously you have to hydrate deeply throughout the day. Afterwards, concerning the holistic pillar, this affects the skin indirectly, stress management for example is very important, we are talking about hormonal balance (cortisol etc.) which will really create inflammation of the skin. Physical activity is extremely important, good sleep too. It's always a synergy that makes you have beautiful skin, that you can act on the health of the skin. Supplements are also a valuable aid that I strongly recommend because food is no longer sufficient today. I always advise in my protocols to target certain dietary supplements to support the body and the skin from within. When we talk about inside, what is very important is to adapt the needs according to your skin type and not just listen to what the girlfriend says! You have to respect your own needs. Hydration again is essential for the skin.

Can you tell us the link between stress and skin?

It's very simple, the more we stress, the more we will weaken the skin which will be inflamed from the inside. The skin will be weakened and weakened by cortisol in particular, the stress hormone which is too high and this creates a vicious circle. The more we stress, the more there is inflammation and we will turn to substances which are not good for our health and which aggravate the inflammation, that is to say: sugar, dairy products and meats that are inflammation stimulants and that's problematic. When you have skin problems you have to manage your stress.

After your acne guide, do you have other projects in progress?

Yes I still have projects in progress! I also have several guides and e-books available on several issues.

I have a book on holistic pregnancy coming out next January with Marabout editions. I also have other holistic stay projects. For example, I am going to Portugal from November 3 to 6, 2022 in Comporta to give a holistic retreat. And then I work on little things that I will reveal in due course. I currently have online programs that people can follow as a supplement to my individual consultations.


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