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The texture of our skin is affected by countless parameters: external factors such as pollution, climate, skincare products, and internal factors such as health and diet.

Added to this are the natural changes that occur with age. Wrinkles and other skin changes are part of our evolution. We can't stop time, but there are solutions to slow it down by taking care of your skin, inside and out. Some “skin routine” enthusiasts will call this, “in and out”.

Our lifestyle is not limited to the impact on our overall health. It also affects the health of our skin, the first visible organ. Stress, fatigue, food balance, internal or external hydration. All this is printed on the skin like a large natural tattoo.

Enjoying younger, smoother skin is possible! We have some tips for a healthy life reflecting on the skin:


Water, water and water!
We have heard for a long time that you have to drink 1.5L to 2L a day! (Drinking) water increases skin elasticity, reduces signs of dryness and roughness and leads to smoother skin. If it is difficult for some to drink water, it is enough to vary the pleasures. Opt for infusions, coffee or tea (in limited quantities) or even mix our adaptogenic powders with natural flavors (cinnamon, hibiscus, mint, almond, yuzu)! Avoid consuming artificially flavored waters or sodas that are too sweet. Consuming raw fruits and vegetables rich in water and, at the same time, rich in vitamins, is another interesting solution!

Eat vitamins!
Foods rich in antioxidants are beneficial for protecting the skin. Foods such as vegetables and fruits that contain carotenoids, vitamins C, B and oily fish (omega 3, zinc…), probiotics too, have proven to contribute to the treatment and prevention of skin conditions such as eczema and acne, as well as skin damage caused by UV rays.

Consider supplementing
Our dietary supplement La Peau takes care of the skin from the inside. Its ingredients rich in antioxidants (Maïtake, Lycopene) and minerals (Zinc, Copper) protect and cleanse the skin. Finally, Hyaluronic Acid has a moisturizing role in this complete and holistic formula. Practical, its nomadic format allows you to take it everywhere with you for better attendance.

The skin

Avoid tobacco use
Tobacco use causes premature skin aging and wrinkles, as well as an increased risk of skin disorders, including acne and psoriasis. It also impairs the skin's ability to heal. A 10% increased intake of vitamin C must be made for smokers (110mg per day for a non-smoker and 121mg per day for a smoker). Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant to counter free radicals!


Sport and sleep
Regular physical activity and in particular exercise in the aerobic zone (slow or moderate running, for example) can improve the composition of the skin. It makes the outer layers of the skin thinner and the inner layers thicker, the opposite of what happens as you age.
Getting enough sleep doesn't just remove dark circles. The skin, like any other part of our body, repairs itself while we dream in bed. Increased blood flow and collagen production occur during sleep and help repair damage caused by UV rays and other external aggressors.

Sun yes, but with sunscreen
UV rays damage skin cells, leading to faster skin aging. Why ? The sun causes dryness and a risk of skin cancer. Using sunscreen and limiting the time spent in the sun helps keep your skin clear. Avoid tanning oils which are sometimes even more harmful than the sun. Supplementing with active ingredients that protect against UV rays (Maïtake, Lycopene) and promote tanning (Lycopene, Copper) can also help.

ORYZA LAB, skincare from the outside, we validate!
Oryza Lab is a rice-based skincare brand. This small white grain is nevertheless very rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Their properties are amazing for the skin, especially vitamin B3 and its healing properties. It is especially the water of this food which is interesting for its contributions in zinc, iron, magnesium and potassium. Besides, it had been used by Asians for a very long time! A bit like our adaptogenic plants in traditional medicines... Oryza Lab treatments therefore offer creams, oils, serums or even peels... Giving pride of place to rice!

Oryza Lab skin and care are excellent tips for taking care of your skin from the inside and the outside. With quality active ingredients in common such as hyaluronic acid or zinc, you benefit from maximum benefits in a complementary way!

Oryza x Hygea

A perfect in and out combo!

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