Meeting with Fabienne Crocq, trainer and Well-age Naturopath

Hello Fabienne, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I am Fabienne Crocq, designer of treatment rituals, trainer and Well-age Naturopath.

You accompany women in pre-menopause, how to prepare well?

I accompany women from the age of 40 who observe hormonal upheavals linked to pre-menopause and menopause. Many signs make it possible to identify ailments such as mood instability, an irregular cycle, weight gain, then later hot flashes, insomnia, joint pain, dryness of the skin and mucous membranes. , a libido at half mast… the list is rather long! This passage of life is often difficult because the mastery of the body and emotions completely escapes us!

How to go through menopause which can be a difficult period for women?

A woman who is in tune with her body observes physical and emotional changes. The sooner she understands her metabolism, the sooner she will be able to establish a new healthy eating and sports lifestyle.

The role of the naturopath is above all to educate and inform about the changes linked to the hormonal drop in order to become completely autonomous.

Several things to change:

  • The plate needs to be corrected, the food associations are different
  • Supplements are a great help for dietary deficiencies
  • The management of stress or emotions can be relieved by EFT, (emotional freedom technique) breathing or sophrology in order to release certain anxieties or anxieties
  • Self-massage is effective for (re)appropriating your body and accepting physical changes.

You also share self-massage techniques, what does that bring?

Touching your skin is essential to connect with yourself, self-massages improve blood and lymphatic circulation, they boost serotonin, the hormone of joy par excellence!

The very playful facial gym also brings visible results quickly to restore volume to the contour of the face.

What are your daily anti-stress routines to feel good physically and mentally?

My morning ritual:

  • Postural stretches to straighten my spine, we tend to get stuck!
  • Small hepatic detoxification with a little organic lemon or organic apple vinegar in a large glass of warm water, this also allows a good cleaning of the intestinal transit.
  • I continue with 40/50 minutes of physical or relaxing activity, I alternate brisk walking, trampolining, pilates, yoga or muscle building (the muscle mass melts like a good strawberry ice cream!). As soon as I can I go swimming for 40 minutes, I often finish with a sauna in order to eliminate even more toxins because the metabolism is twice as slow after 45/50 years, it must be helped!
  • I like intermittent fasting 4 times a week to regenerate your body (leave your stomach empty for 15/16 hours).

Are you a fan of adaptogens? How do you like to consume Hygée supplements and for what needs?

Adaptogenic plants are part of my daily life, they are effective, efficient and safe for women entering pre-menopause & menopause. These intelligent plants adapt to the needs of women and provide all the necessary ingredients to the body at the right time.

I particularly like La Sérénité for falling asleep and the quality of my sleep, its taste is very pleasant, I consume it with a little water or a vegetable milk without sugar.

Immunity & Beauty is also often used as a snack or dessert after a meal.

The final word ?

Menopause offers women a second life, going through this transition with joy and lightness is essential, many natural solutions accompany women on the path to wisdom, well-age naturopathy is a great help to enter this path :-)


Find Fabienne Crocq and her Well-age Naturopath tips on her Instagram account .

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